Himalayan Salt Candy & Korean Spicy Noodle Earrings Now Available In S’pore

Christmas is coming. And if you’re still troubled over what to gift that tam chiak friend of yours, this article might have a solution.

Local Instagram shop ‘Kuey Lapis‘ is selling earrings shaped like Himalayan Salt Candy and Korean Spicy Noodles, for $8 per pair.


Himalayan Salt Candy Earrings

If you know someone who’s a fan of the Himalayan Salt Candy, these earrings are probably the perfect Christmas gift for them.

Not only are these earrings super cute, they are also very versatile and can instantly spice up a plain-looking outfit.


Furthermore, research shows that eating to much Himalayan Salt Candy can be harmful to your health. So why not wear these candies on your ears instead?


Korean Spicy Noodle Earrings

Apart from Himalayan Salt Candy, something else we Singaporeans love is spicy food. And a popular choice among the plethora of spicy food is Korean Spicy Noodles.


The only downside about these noodles is the after effect of the spice, normally experienced in the toilet.

But great news, because this Instagram shop also has Korean Spicy Noodle earrings, so we can now ‘wear our cravings’ instead of having to suffer the after effects of it.


Available as clip-ons and hair clips

For those who are interested in getting these earrings but do not have a piercing, fret not as these cute earrings comes as clip-ons as well.

From Kuey Lapis’ Instagram Story

To convert the earrings into clip-ons, all you have to do is top-up $1 and you can get these earrings without having to pierce your ears.

Or if you’re generally not a earrings kinda person, these cute designs are available as hair clips as well.


You can get these adorable hair clips at 2 for $10.

DM the person to purchase items

Not only are these unique earrings and hair clips undeniably super cute, they are also trendy and affordable.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these items, you can simply DM ‘Kuey Lapis‘ on Instagram.

Do you know someone who would love these items? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Instagram and Instagram