Holland Village Fight During Phase 2 Draws Commotion, Man Arrested

Holland Village saw crowds thronging to the area the day restaurants opened on 19 Jun, but unfortunately with the crowds also came carnage.

A fight broke out that day at around 10pm, causing a commotion. One of the men involved, a 26-year-old, was arrested by police for causing annoyance to the public, The Straits Times reported.

Footage of the fight believed to be connected to the arrest was uploaded to social media on Saturday (20 Jun).

Although much of the clip is indistinct, there was indeed a commotion. At one point, we can hear a glass bottle thrown, though it’s unclear if the bottle hurt anyone.

Investigations into the case are ongoing.

Fight broke out at Holland Village

The cause of the fight is unknown, but there appeared to be little, if any, social distancing at Lorong Mambong that night.



Some onlookers tried to stop the apparently-drunken combatants, but to seemingly no avail.

Police were told of the commotion at around 10.50pm, ST said. They then arrested the 26-year-old, presumably the one who threw the glass bottle.

Others fined for breaching safe distancing rules

Due to the crowds that gathered at Lorong Mambong and other nightlife hotspots, there were fines issued to those who breached safe distancing rules.

British Indian Curry Hut, a restaurant in the area, was also ordered closed after they failed to ensure safe distancing.

Holland Village Restaurant Closed Due To Large Crowds, Shops Told To Follow Rules

This should serve as a warning to other nightspots to ensure that they keep customers safe. Perhaps there’ll be fewer commotions as well.

Please enjoy yourselves responsibly

We know many are excited about Phase 2 and the freedom to go out to have drinks.

Thus, it’s somewhat understandable why fights might break out given the 3-month long closure of drinking establishments.

However, we urge everyone to restrain themselves during these times and not cause commotions in public.

Hopefully, we won’t see too many more fights occurring during Phase 2. Do enjoy yourselves, but do so responsibly.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.