Holland Village Restaurant Closed Due To Large Crowds, Shops Told To Follow Rules

Holland Village Restaurant Closed After Large Crowds Gathered There On 19 Jun

Photos of large crowds gathering in Holland Village on Friday (19 Jun) have sparked safety concerns among netizens and ministers alike.

The authorities promised prompt action, and sure enough, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong confirmed on Saturday (20 Jun) that a restaurant there has been shut down.


Proving how strict they are about those guilty of flouting the rules, this serves as a reminder for everyone else to abide by them.

Holland Village restaurant & patrons face punishment

After images of the crowds circulated on social media, the authorities wasted no time in carrying out inspections.

This led them to identify British Indian Curry Hut as the main point of congregation, thereby closing the establishment down.

All other Outdoor Refreshment Areas (ORAs) within the vicinity will also no longer open.

British Indian Curry Hut’s ORA on a regular evening before Covid-19

Restaurants will thus have to keep their customers within the indoor dining areas only.

The individuals who flouted safe distancing rules have also received fines from enforcement officers there, and may face other charges.

Work-pass holders among them could have their passes revoked.

Businesses have to comply with rules

Following the incident, Mr Wong advised all other Food & Beverage (F&B) as well as business outlets to strictly abide by the safe distancing rules.

They are, after all, for the sake of everyone’s safety and not just the patrons themselves.

Businesses that fail to comply risk facing “possible penalties and charges”.

Rather than rushing to reopen and welcome customers, Mr Wong suggested taking time to implement safety measures to avoid inadvertently flouting them.

We’re still in the thick of battling Covid-19, and should not take our little bit of freedom now for granted. So let’s be more responsible while we’re out and about, and remind each other to stay safe.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

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