Kallang Office Has Holographic Lift Buttons For Covid-19

Covid-19 has rendered the world upside down, and with a plausible risk of the virus staying on places such as lift buttons, there’s an understandable fear of touching them.

Hence, First Step Elevator Pte Ltd has installed the 1st holographic elevator button device in Singapore, which can be found in a Kallang office building.

Image provided by First Stop Elevator Pte Ltd

Those worried about pushing buttons during this tough time can probably feel safer with this touch-free experience.

Holographic lift buttons provides touch-free interface

You can find the device at MapleTree Industrial New Hi-Tech Space.. 


Basically, the device works using a holographic module, which allows you to call for a floor through a touch-free interface.

It seems relatively simple to use — simply stand in front of the device and look down, “press” the desired floor, and it’ll work like lift buttons do.

Image provided by First Stop Elevator Pte Ltd

When you’ve “pressed” the button, it’ll light up and turn orange.

Image provided by First Stop Elevator Pte Ltd

As you can see from this angle, there’s no physical contact involved.

Image provided by First Stop Elevator Pte Ltd

Cue the elevator muzak, and the rest is probably similar to a normal lift experience — complete with awkward eye contact and pretending others don’t exist.

Some things don’t change even with technology.

Keeping safe during Covid-19

We’re heading into a new normal during the Covid-19 pandemic. Things like working from home may have been a distant dream for most pre-Covid, but that’s what many are doing.

Similarly, technology has adapted to meet the demands of the populace. From breathable masks to non-contact lift buttons, innovations are created from issues we have to solve.

Although many lift buttons have a special disinfectant coating, some would rather not take the risk. With this holographic lift button device, that issue is pretty much solved.

Perhaps we’ll see more of these devices rolled out in the future in the coming months, since the virus is a stubborn one.

Featured image adapted from First Stop Elevator Pte Ltd.