Collect 2 Free Reusable Masks From Temasek Foundation Vending Machines Starting 29 Jun

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Collect 2 Free Reusable Masks From Temasek Foundation’s 1,200 Vending Machines

Singaporeans are no stranger to mask collection exercises by now, and Temasek Foundation just announced yet another one, named StayMasked.

This time, all Singapore residents are entitled to 2 free masks each, which they can collect from 1 of 1,200 vending machines found across the island.

Image from Temasek Foundation

Collect free reusable masks from CCs, RCs & bus interchanges

In its press statement, Temasek Foundation said that the vending machines can be found at:

  • Community Centres/Clubs
  • Residents’ Committee Centres
  • Bus interchanges

Image from Temasek Foundation

Singapore residents can collect their masks from any of these machines from 10am next Monday (29 Jun) until 11.59pm on 12 Jul.

Scan identification barcode to collect masks from Temask Foundation

To collect the masks, Singaporeans would have to scan a form of identification with a barcode, which could come in the form of an Identity Card (IC), Birth Certificate, or FIN.

Image from Temasek Foundation

Those who want additional masks can also preorder them for $8/pair, and collect them from the vending machines using the QR code they receive.

More free reusable masks to use

The Temasek Foundation-designed masks are DET30 antimicrobial masks and have a design more similar to that of surgical masks, which some may prefer.

Image from Temasek Foundation

Here are some instructions from Temasek Foundation on how to wear the masks:


And how you ought to be washing them:


Hope more people will be encouraged to keep masks on all the time

Hopefully, as more are able to benefit from these masks, they will be encouraged to keep them on at all times.

Until they’re out, do continue to wear the masks you have and keep vigilant.

Featured image from Temasek Foundation. 

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