Citizens Can Collect Improved Reusable Masks From 26 May To 14 Jun

Residents Can Collect Better Reusable Masks At CCs & RCs From 26 May To 14 Jun

By now, most of us are probably accustomed to wearing masks when we’re out. However, not all of us have masks that fit well or are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Luckily, residents can look forward to picking up improved reusable masks in the nation’s third mask distribution exercise.

These masks are said to have better filtration, and are more comfortable to wear. They will also come in kid and adult sizes to fit users better.

From 26 May to 1 June, citizens can head down to collection counters at all community clubs (CCs) and residents’ committee centres (RCs) from 10am-6pm to pick up their free masks.


Residents can also collect the masks from vending machines that will be in operation 24/7 from 26 May to 14 Jun. These will be available at all CCs.

Citizens need to bring their ICs

Similar to last time, residents will need to bring along valid identification with scannable barcodes when they collect their masks.

Each identification card allows 1 mask to be collected.

Adult identification will only allow adult-sized masks to be redeemed. Meanwhile, children qualify for both kid-sized and adult-sized masks.


Citizens are encouraged to send 1 family member to collect masks on behalf of their household.

Masks can collected from vending machines in 3 easy steps

Those who intend to collect their masks via vending machine can do so in 3 easy steps.

  1. Select adult or kid-sized mask on the touch screen
  2. Scan your IC’s barcode at the scanner
  3. Collect your mask

You can refer to this video down below for more visual instructions.

Keep safe in Phase 1 with these new masks

After ‘Circuit Breaker’ ends on 1 Jun, Singapore will enter Phase 1 of reopening.

During this period, we’re all still advised to stay home as much as possible, and only go out for essential activities.

When we do, let’s not forget to wear the new and improved masks provided to us, and keep the risk of transmission low.

Featured image adapted from Aikido Tai Shin Kai.

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