S’pore Home Bakery Apologises After Woman’s Post Of Waiting Outside Their House Goes Viral

Singapore Home Bakery Apologises After Order Mishap

During the pandemic, many people launched their own home-based businesses (HBB) to provide themselves with a source of income. Since they are small businesses, mistakes can happen once in a while.

A woman took to Facebook today (7 Sep) to post about her negative experience with an HBB called Sugary Kneads Co. back in May.

Apparently, the HBB had delivery issues in the past. Hence, the woman decided to self-collect. Unfortunately, due to a mishap, the woman was unable to collect her order that day.


Upon reaching out to Sugary Kneads Co. for their side of the story, they told MS News they’ve apologised to the customer and refunded her.

Woman unable to receive self-collection order due to mishap

A woman posted on Facebook about her unhappiness with a HBB called Sugary Kneads Co. Apparently, after experiencing a bad delivery service from the bakery, she opted for self-collection instead.

On the day of collection, the woman went to collect the order on behalf of her sister. However, the business owner allegedly closed the door on the woman after asking her to wait.


The owner then apparently texted the woman’s sister if they could deliver the baked goods the next day instead, while the woman was still waitng outside.

However, since the woman was already waiting, she would rather collect it on the day itself.

Owner asks if she could deliver the next day

It was then that the owner revealed that the deliveryman had taken the order by mistake.

Hence, if the woman wanted to collect the order on that day, she would have to wait 30 to 40 minutes. The owner also gave the option of delivering the baked goods the next day.

Eventually, the woman’s sister decided to opt for the delivery option.

The woman was not pleased as it seemed like the owner did not have the courtesy to apologise in person even though she had been waiting outside for more than 10 minutes.


Owner did not inform customer beforehand

Furthermore, the woman had texted the owner before arriving and she acknowledged the message.

Hence, she was puzzled as to why the owner did not inform her that her goods could not be collected on that day earlier.

This was also the 2nd time she had come to collect her order as the owner missed one box in their previous order.

Though the woman acknowledged that home businesses might have some hiccups, she did not find this incident acceptable.


Home bakery apologises and refunds customer

MS News reached out to Sugary Kneads Co. for their side of the story.

Apparently, this incident happened a few months back in May 2021.

The owner also mentioned that they had already apologised and gave a full refund to the woman.

Additionally, the owner said she was trying to rush through a new batch while the woman was waiting outside, and asked her husband to text the woman’s sister.

The WhatsApp conversation that the woman posted took place between the owner’s husband, who was relaying the owner’s messages, and the woman’s sister.

After the woman’s sister opted for the delivery option instead, the owner said she quickly washed her hands and changed before checking on the woman waiting outside.

However, the woman had apparently left.

Hate comments allegedly received after home bakery owner apologises

The owner allegedly received a lot of hate comments from the woman who was standing outside her house.

As the woman also threatened to make a police report, the owner decided to process a refund for her.

The owner acknowledges that it was her fault that the deliverer made a mistake in taking the order that was meant for self-collection.

But she stresses that she has apologised for the mishaps.

Hope for issue to be resolved amicably

HBBs can present their own set of challenges, especially during a pandemic. As such, hiccups may occur.

While it’s true that mistakes may have occurred, the owner has also apologised.

At the same time, good service is part of what makes a business have returning customers. We hope that the HBB will take the feedback to heart and improve from here.

Hopefully, the home bakery owner will be able to get through this difficult period.

As for other home businesses, the lesson is to serve with care and prevent such incidences from happening.

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Featured image adapted from Sugary Kneads Co. on Shopee

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