Hong Kong Student Protesters Take ‘Study Breaks’ Because We Asian After All

Hong Kong Student Protesters Seen Reading School Notes Amid Chaos

Whether it’s the crowd, the weather, or tear gas grenades, nothing will stop Asian students from getting their A grades.


Pictures of Hong Kong students studying for what is apparently their finals came up on Reddit yesterday (18 Jun).

It seems the protest has gone on for way too long and student protesters can no longer endure the mortifying lack of schoolwork revision.

Asian memes and dreams

Other Reddit users were clearly amused. A few invoked the classic Asian-study memes.

Another implicitly praised the focus of the Hong Kong students.

Finally, and not surprisingly, one drew a comparison to other similar movements by the public.

Studied during 2014 Umbrella Revolution too

This isn’t the first time Hong Kong students pulled out their books and notes in the midst of chaos.

During the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, or Occupy Movement, students set up makeshift study spaces to do their work.


So if your kids aren’t studying hard enough to become successful doctors, show them these pictures and the true meaning of determination level: Asian

Featured image from Reddit.

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