Hot Dudes Holding Durians On Instagram Will Make You Feel ‘Thorny’

Hot Dudes With Durian Instagram Makes Durians Sexy

If you thought hot dudes reading books on the MRT was sexy, you probably have not seen hot dudes holding, handling, slicing and slurping durian.

Instagram page “hotdudeswithdurians” features ridiculously good-looking and muscular men with their durians.


These hotbods are so busy looking good that they don’t even feel the prick of the durian spikes.

Durian men from all over the world

Among the jaw-dropping durian-holding dudes are a few from Singapore.

Here’s one casually holding 2 durians with his bare hands, and coincidentally, without a t-shirt on.


The location tag put this other hunk at Geylang. So for all those hungering for some midnight durian, you know which store – or store owner – to look for.


You’ve probably seen those random street pop-up stalls in Malaysia selling durian. If you’re lucky, you get to find this dude tending the stall. The 3-hour drag through the causeway may just be worth it after all.


According to the Chinese, eating durians is ‘heaty’. Watching a hot dude eating durians without clothes on? That’s instigates a different kind of ‘heaty’.


Don’t be deceived by this next dude’s t-shirt. He could be wearing anything from bananas to papayas, but we all know that his one true love is durians.


Durian season coming up

Durian season is about 2 months away. It usually starts in June.

If you happen to be selling durians – however slim the chances of that are – you may want to start bulking and getting chiseled. With a body like the dudes above, there’s no better kind of marketing for your business.

But if you’re a customer, maybe look out for those durian-handling hunks.

Featured image from Instagram.

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