NParks Warns Against Using Sembawang Hot Spring Park Water To Cook Other Food

A YouTube video of a content creator drew attention for her ‘experiment’ at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

Lady Cooks Chicken Wings With Sembawang Hot Spring Water, Raises Hygiene Concerns

The content creator had cooked chicken wings using the hot spring water, drawing hygiene concerns.

The National Parks Board (NParks) has come out to clarify that foods other than eggs should not be cooked using hot spring water.


This is because the water is channelled to public waterways and cooking other foods might pollute the waterways.

NParks urged everyone to be considerate of others when using the hot spring park’s facilities.

Hot spring park water meant only for cooking eggs

Chuah Hock Seong, group director of parks at NParks, told MS News that the egg cooking station is solely meant for, well, cooking eggs.

It can also be used for collecting water. However, you can’t cook other food there as the water connects to public waterways.

Pollution of the waterways may occur if you’re cooking, say, chicken wings using that water.

Staff on the ground to remind visitors of proper behaviour

Mr Chuah informed MS News that staff have been deployed on the ground to advise on proper behaviour as well as adhere to safe management measures.


He encouraged visitors to advise others to practices good park etiquette.

There are also signs around the park advising visitors on what to do in case you’re unsure or it’s your first time there.

Let’s make the park enjoyable for all

As a shared facility, the hot spring park is meant for the public to enjoy.

The concerns regarding cooking other food using hot spring water are definitely not unfounded given pollution may occur.

To keep the waters safe and for everyone to have a nice experience, do follow the guidelines at the park.

If everyone does their part, we can all have a good time soaking ourselves and enjoying onsen eggs.

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