This Hotpot Spring In China Lets You Soak In Spicy Crimson Broth With Endless Chillies

Hotpot Spring Lets You Soak In Spicy Buffet In China

Hotpot buffets are a great way to catch up with your friends while enjoying a filling meal.  Now, what if you could combine it with a dip in a relaxing hot spring?

First World Hotel in Hangzhou China has a ‘hotpot spring’ that allows for just that.

True to its name, guests can soak in a 6-meter wide pot with veggies while eating meat skewers.


If you’ve ever dreamed of bathing in a mala hotpot, then here’s what you need to know about this novel experience.

Hotpot spring bath

We might have seen our fair share of bathtub dinners, but this Chinese hotel has taken it to the next level.

The ‘Yuan Yang (鸳鸯) Hotpot’ lets visitors soak in a pot half-filled with chilli peppers, and the other half with lettuce and mushrooms.


You can also enjoy an edible hotpot while soaking in the sauna — talk about a hotpot-ception.


Spice-loving foodies who love the ‘burn’ can soak and dine with hundreds of chilis. We’re not sure why, but we think it wouldn’t be wise to submerge your head in the crimson broth.


9-ingredient pool

For added variety, First World Hotel also has a 9-ingredient hotpot pool filled with chilli peppers, mushroom, corn, as well as other popular ingredients.


Last year, the hotel invited guests born in the Year of the Pig to take a dip for free to commemorate the Lunar New Year.


Just pick your favourite hotpot ingredient and soak for hours inside your chosen compartment.


Mala-lovers are guaranteed to have a blast in this extra spicy bath that can finally satisfy their addiction.


Have giant meat skewers while soaking in hot spring

Veggies no doubt taste great when soaked in boiling broth, but meat is a must-have for every hotpot meal.

Fret not, the hotel also serves massive meat skewers of barbequed meat that you can share with your hot spring buddies.


How to book

Located in First World Hotel, the hotpot spring bath is a popular attraction in Hangzhou. A night at the hotel starts at $109.

The hotpot spring bath seems to be an exclusive event during the Lunar New Year. If you want to try it out for yourself and check its availability, head to their website or the Tripadvisor page.

Here’s more information about this location:

Address: No.2555 Fengqing Avenue Xiaoshan District Hangzhou China
Contact number: 008620-8600 9099
Website: First World Hotel Hangzhou

Bookmark now, travel later

The cool winter weather is only a few months away for countries up North.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we may have to be patient and postpone our trips until it’s safe to travel again. However, the declining number of Covid-19 cases, as well as the travel bubbles formed with other countries, are making us feel hopeful that perhaps leisure travel might not be too far away.

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