Hougang Police Still Looking For ‘Missing Neck’ Thief After 3 Days

Hougang Police Looking For Mr ‘Missing Neck’

The Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre has turned to Facebook on Tuesday (19 Feb) in the hopes of looking for a man possibly linked to a theft in Hougang.


But this wasn’t any ordinary guy they were looking for. He’s been dubbed the elusive Mr ‘Missing Neck’ by the general public.

Here’s how he looks like:


Mr Missing Neck on the loose

The cops are currently seeking Mr Missing Neck to assist with an investigation pertaining to a theft that happened in Hougang Ave 6 on 30 Jan.

The nature of the theft wasn’t stated in the post, but if it was serious enough for the police to turn to Facebook, we’re sure something of substantial value must have gone missing.

But if what’s missing was his neck – something that fits the description of something with “substantial value” – kudos to the Hougang Police for helping him out.

Brutal comments ensued

Unsurprisingly, the police’s post garnered a slew of comments from netizens.

Many couldn’t help but use a slew of necks level puns.


Not sure if this netizen was being sarcastic or not, but the replies she received really cracked us up.


Mr Missing Neck may be suspected of theft, but one netizen couldn’t help but draw links to the ‘kidnapping of the year’.


A knack for getting in trouble

At the time of this article, the cops have yet to reveal if they’ve had any success in locating Mr Missing Neck.

On a serious note, anyone with information regarding this theft should call the police hotline at 1800-255-000 or submit information here.

Featured image from Facebook.

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