Hwa Chong Lecturer Faces Up To 10 Years’ Jail For Meth & Cannabis Possession

Hwa Chong Teacher Faces Up To 10 Years’ Jail & $20,000 Fine If Convicted

A 65-year-old lecturer who is a British citizen will soon be facing charges involving drug offences in Singapore this February.

The hard drug in question is methamphetamine — street-named ‘meth’.


In case you’re wondering — he wasn’t a meth or math teacher.

Humanities lecturer

Mr Christopher David Burge, a teacher in Hwa Chong Institution under the Humanities department, allegedly tried to procure 5 packets containing 3.6g of meth leading up to Sep 2017.


He was belatedly found to have owned smoking paraphernalia like:

  • 3 glass pipes
  • A glass apparatus with an attached straw & glass pipe
  • Vegetable matter with synthetic cannabis

Since a pair of foolhardy cannabis drug labbers were busted in an Yishun raid last year, we can’t help but wonder if he sourced his cannabis from a related ‘Breaking Bad-esque’ ring.

Yishun’s Breaking Bad Pair May Not Face Death Penalty For Making 2.6Kg Of Cannabis

Such a shame

Netizens have weighed in on the issue, many believe that it’s a shame that a man with a promising career found himself in this situation.


Others believed it was a good time to justify the fight against drugs.


Out on $10,000 bail for now

As he’s currently out on bail, Mr Burge is due to return to court to face his charges in Feb 2018.


If the court finds him guilty of buying & taking meth, he faces a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of $20,000 or both.

We hope that his students have been properly counselled following the news of these charges. Another lesson to be learnt here is that crime never pays in Singapore.

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