IKEA Donates 800 Mugs After Learning Migrant Workers Drink Straight From Milk Cartons

IKEA Donates 800 Mugs After Non-Profit Finds Migrant Workers Drinking Straight From Cartons

When we drink directly from cartons, most of the time it’s because we’re lazy.

But when one volunteer spotted migrant workers drinking milk directly from the carton, she was shook to discover it was because they had no cups.


Upon learning of this, non-profit organisation It’s Raining Raincoats reached out to donors.

And before they knew it, furniture giant IKEA had come on board and donated 800 mugs to the cause.

On Friday (24 Apr), they detailed this heartwarming story on their Facebook page.


IKEA donates 800 mugs to migrant workers

From cartons of milk, migrant workers now have cartons of IKEA mugs as well.

Those with colour preferences can choose between turquoise and light green.


We’re sure that the mugs were hot commodities when distributed, given the long but aptly spaced queue.


We sure hope that this donation has sparked a little joy in their lives.

IKEA donates snacks as well

On top of the 800 mugs, IKEA also donated cartons of snacks from their food outlet.


In line with Covid-19 guidelines, the furniture giant closed all their restaurants.

We’re glad to see that the food is not wasted, and donated to a worthy cause.


Now migrant workers can happily snack, while taking a drink from their new swanky mugs.

Every little bit helps

They say it’s the little things in life that matter, but migrant workers don’t even have “little things” like mugs.

This shows that all acts of kindness, no matter how small thing, can make a big difference. Kudos to IKEA for stepping forward.

Let’s not take things for granted, and help where we can. Together we can get through this tough time.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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