Health Sciences Authority Removes Illegal Covid-19 Test Kits On Online Sites Like Carousell & Shopee

You may have seen some Covid-19 test kit listings being sold on sites like Carousell or Shopee, but these are illegal, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said on Wednesday (6 May).

HSA has removed more than 40 of these test kits from various sites, although some of them can still be found online.

These kits are not for use at home and HSA hasn’t approved any of them.

Illegal Covid-19 test kits claim to have 95% accuracy

Here is an example of a Covid-19 test kit seen on Carousell, claiming to have HSA’s approval in Singapore.

illegal covid test kitsSource

The listing allegedly guarantees 95% accuracy and is recommended to those who think they may have Covid-19. Apparently, you can get the results in 15 minutes.

illegal covid test kitsSource

Other listings claim that they can be taken even with no symptoms. Apparently, the kits are imported from overseas by sellers and they do not have physical stock on them until an order comes in.

According to investigations by HSA, the test kits may result in “incorrect or misleading findings” and are not approved.

Seek medical advice if you’re feeling unwell

You can only get tested at clinics and hospitals, as well as clinical laboratories that are approved by authorities.

HSA warns that anyone who feels unwell should seek medical advice and not try to test themselves at home.

This is because these test kits may provide false readings and are far from a guarantee of being virus-free.

And besides, it costs just $10 to visit a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC).

Please do not be kiasu and buy one of these test kits online. You may be endangering others if you declare yourself virus-free using one of these tests.

Featured image adapted from HSA.