Malaysian Immigration Dept Raids Scam Syndicate, People Flee In All Directions

There’s been a recent spate of scam cases in Singapore, and our Malaysian neighbours aren’t spared.

The Malaysian Immigration Department conducted a raid on the largest online scam syndicate in the country, reported Malaysian news agency Bernama.

680 suspected scammers were confirmed arrested in the large-scale raid, according to The Star.


Immigration department’s raid arrested 680

The raid took place on 20 Nov after “a month’s worth of surveillance”, reported The Star. The office was in Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s science park.


The director-general of the Immigration Department said the office had guards on every level. Some syndicate members even attacked the officers in a bid to escape.

The department’s biggest raid in 2019 eventually turned out successful, with 680 suspected scammers arrested, 8,230 hand phones, 174 laptops and 787 computers seized.


Scammers desperately tried to escape

A video uploaded on Cyberjaya Info’s Facebook shows people – presumably the operators in the scam syndicate – running across in a 10-minutes-left-for-lunch fashion to avoid arrest.


Jay-running shouldn’t be a big deal when the police are going to arrest you, right? You can view the dramatic scene in the recording below.

On the other hand, some of the scammers chose to jump out windows on the second floor. Unfortunately, not all of them were successful.


You can view the dramatic escape here too.

Crime doesn’t pay

While these scenes are rather amusing, remember, crime never pays. Eventually, the police are going to get you.

Kudos to the officers of the Malaysian Immigration Department for their hard work in tracking down and busting this large syndicate.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.