S’pore WhatsApp Scam Helps To ‘Check’ If You Can Get $6.5k From MOM

If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

A WhatsApp scam has reportedly been going around promising $6,500 from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) if one has worked between 1965 and 2019, with no strings attached.

On Thursday (31 Oct), MOM posted on their Facebook page stating that the claims, as well as the website used by the scammers, were fake.


WhatsApp messages circulating scam

1 netizen who almost fell victim to the WhatsApp scam shared his experience in a Facebook group for domestic workers.

According to his screenshot, he received a WhatsApp message asking him to visit a website to check if he’s eligible for a $6,500 benefit from MOM.


While he was fully aware that it was a scam, he decided to “follow the steps” to ‘find out more’.


WhatsApp scam websites ask dodgy questions

They asked 3 cursory questions, firstly confirming if the person was above 18 years of age.


Next, they asked if the person has worked at any point in time between 1965 and 2019, without specifying any details.


As if the whole thing wasn’t dodgy enough, they ask if he was working “somewhere”.


Benefit for those who share scam

After answering the above questions, he was requested to “share this information with all [his] friends”. He would then be “redirected” to a page where he’ll receive the $6,500 benefits.


However, it seems like one would have to hit a share ‘quota’ before they are eligible for the money.

Of course, no scam will be complete without fake accounts attesting that the deal is legitimate.

The scammers had many people thanking “MANPOWER” for their newfound fortune.


MOM say $6,500 benefits isn’t real

MOM has since spoken out against the scam. They will also continue to “monitor for such fake websites and work to bring them down”.

In the meantime, it’s best to be wary of sites that claim to be offering an unrealistic benefit, especially if they say they are from the government.

Featured image adapted from the bogus MOM website and Facebook.