Baby Gets Caught In Infant Swing Strap & Passes Away, US Recalls 2 Million Products

Baby Gets Caught In Infant Swing Strap & Passes Away, US Recalls 2 Million Products

4moms Recalls Infant Swing & Rocker Due To Strangulation Risks

Parents will often try to get the very best products they can for their precious little ones.

While most designers and manufacturers take extra care to ensure that their items are safe for children, accidents unfortunately still do happen.

Recently in the United States (US), a brand that manufactures products for young children recalled over two million infant swings and rockers.

Source: Oliver Berg/picture alliance/Getty Images via The New York Times

This comes after a 10-month-old infant passed away after getting caught in a strap under the brand’s infant swing.

Another 10-month-old suffered bruising on the neck in a similar accident but a caregiver fortunately rescued him in time.

The brand is issuing the recall globally, so it affects consumers in Singapore as well.

2 incidents of infants caught in straps

4moms is a US brand that makes baby products, including the MamaRoo Baby Swing and RockaRoo Baby Rocker.

Infant swing recalls

Source: 4moms on Facebook

When the products are not in use, the restraint straps usually hang below the seat.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated that there is a possibility that crawling infants can become entangled in the straps. This poses a strangulation hazard.

According to The New York Times, 4moms received two reports involving infants getting caught in the straps of an unoccupied MamaRoo swing after crawling underneath.

One 10-month-old infant passed away from asphyxiation.

The other incident involved another 10-month-old, who suffered bruising to his neck. Thankfully, a caregiver managed to rescue him in time.

4moms recalls infant swings and rockers

In a statement, 4moms chief executive Gary Waters said the company is “deeply saddened” by the two incidents.

He added that they remain committed to the “highest quality and safety standards”.

On Monday (15 Aug), 4moms recalled more than two million infant swings and rockers due to the risk of strangulation, Newsweek reports.

The CPSC has also advised customers to stop using the products and put them in a place that crawling infants cannot access.

In a Facebook post, 4moms elaborated that the recall applies to MamaRoo Baby Swings (models 4M-005, 1026, and 1037) and all RockaRoo rockers (model 4M-012).

The recall does not include the latest MamaRoo swing (model 1046).

Infant swing recalls

Source: 4moms on Facebook

Those who own these products are urged to contact 4moms immediately to receive a free strap fastener.

This device will prevent the straps from extending under the swing or rocker’s seat when not in use.

4moms said they are now working closely with their product development and engineering teams to continue improving their baby products.

Recall applies to products in Singapore too

CNN notes that the recall affects two million MamaRoo swings and 220,000 RockaRoo rockers in the US.

Another 60,000 MamaRoo swings and 10,000 RockaRoo rockers were sold in Canada.

4moms products are also available in Singapore. Products like MamaRoo and RockaRoo are sold on Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, and at NTUC FairPrice.

On their website, 4moms clarified that the voluntary recall is happening globally. This means that it applies to customers in Singapore as well.

Hope no more tragic accidents happen

In all products, especially those for children, safety is paramount.

We’re glad 4moms is taking responsibility and working hard to correct the issues. Hopefully, this will prevent any more tragic accidents from happening.

If you have any queries about the recall, do reach out to your local distributor at the information here. More information about the recall can also be found here.

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Featured image adapted from Oliver Berg/picture alliance/Getty Images via The New York Times.

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