Irvins Salted Egg Apologises For Lizard In Snacks, Welcomes Refund Requests

Irvins Salted Egg Posts Heartfelt Apology & Refund Invitation

A Thai netizen allegedly found a crisped up lizard in an Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skins snack pack on 29 Dec.

Fried Lizard Makes Unwanted Appearance In Irvins Salted Egg Snack Bag

IRVINS has quickly responded by launching an investigation into the matter, in their heartfelt apology posted on Facebook on Monday (2 Jan).

You can read it here in full. We summarise it after the jump.


Shocked to hear the news

IRVINS began by addressing their long-time fans and partners.

The team was “very shocked and devastated” to hear that a “dead lizard” was found in one of their snack pouches.


Affirming their commitment to quality control and “customers’ safety”, they sincerely apologised to everyone affected in the incident.

In their own words,

We take full responsibility for the goods that we sell and everything in it.

Further investigations ongoing

Besides personally contacting the customer, an investigation will be launched to find out how the lizard ended up in the snack pouch.


AVA has also been notified of the incident, and IRVINS promises to make “necessary changes in our production to prevent future occurrences.

Check for 16 Oct 2019 expiry dates

IRVINS will provide refunds for fans who are uncomfortable with consuming snack packs sharing a similar expiry date with the affected bag.

Customers are invited to check for 16 Oct 2019 expiry dates on the packs they have purchased. Affected patrons may also email this address for a refund.

Taking full responsibility

We’re impressed that local brand IRVINS has stepped up to claim full responsibility for the incident, even before investigations are complete.

Their offer of a product recall and refund is also proof that they’ve gone above and beyond to fix the issue.

Hopefully their timely apology will win back consumer confidence, and continue to gain them new fans from abroad.

Featured image from Carousell and Facebook.

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