S’porean Artist Shines Rainbow At Jalan Batu HDB & Gives Void Deck Aesthetic Vibes

Very Small Exhibition By Singaporean Artist Creates Rainbow In Our Void Deck

Tall housing blocks dot the neighbourhoods of Singapore, and some may think they’ve started to look similar, especially in recent years.


But this doesn’t mean our HDB blocks can’t look aesthetic with some setup, as Facebook page Very Small Exhibition shows in a series of stunning images.


Titled ‘very momentary exhibition 1.5’, the installation brings a new light to our void decks.

The fairly impromptu exhibition was created by one man in Jalan Batu — not the first place one thinks of for a photoshoot.

Artist creates installation at Jalan Batu HDB void deck

The artist shared on Saturday (27 Mar) that the installation idea was unplanned until the night of set-up.


But considering the results, we’d say the relative lack of planning  was no barrier to the exhibition’s success.


Lights were set up at certain intervals at the void deck, creating something akin to a rainbow tunnel.


No matter the view, the lighting makes for a delightful contrast to the pitch-black night and livens up what is a plain void deck by day.


Yet, the images clearly belie the setting — it’s unmistakably Singapore and shows that one doesn’t need to travel to renowned photo spots for great pictures.


Jalan Batu HDB block is scene for exhibition

Many were impressed by the installation and pictures, leading it to go viral.

Perhaps it is the case that the rainbow, as the artist describes, appears when one least expects it.

Before this exhibition, the artist had created another installation with a similar idea — creating a sort of rainbow using the HDB architecture available.


This is what the block looks like normally.


For those looking to see the installations in real life, that unfortunately can’t happen as it’s over.

However, the artist says that he might do more such installations in the near future, so watch the space at Very Small Exhibition if you dig these vibes.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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