Jalan Besar Rental Flat Has Broken Tiles & Other Lurking Dangers

The spaces we call home should always be safe and comfortable. So it’s only understandable that a Jalan Besar resident felt uneasy about the hazardous area in her abode.

On Tuesday (29 Sep), the netizen took to Facebook to air her grievances about the damages in her Jalan Besar rental flat.

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The lady was apparently disappointed over the fact that nothing has been done despite her reporting the damages earlier in June.

Responding to queries, MP Denise Phua shared that she had submitted multiple appeals to the Housing Development Board (HDB) on behalf of the resident.

Jalan Besar HDB flat has extensive damages

On Tuesday (29 Sep), a Jalan Besar resident shared her predicament of having to live with extensive damages in her HDB rental flat.

The main subject of her grievance is the broken tiles with sharp edges that lie loosely atop the cement floor in the flat.

Jalan Besar flat damagesSource

This makes the simple task of moving around not just difficult but a dangerous affair.

Besides that, the gate’s metal loop where the lock usually latches on to is also broken, leaving behind sharp edges.

Jalan Besar flat damagesSource

In what looked to be the bathroom door, years of wear and tear has also taken its toll –part of the door seems to have broken off, leaving wooden splinters exposed.


Multiple officials notified of damages in flat

As a resident of the rental flat, the lady claims she has reported the damages to HDB in June.

Jalan Besar flat damages


She recounts that an officer had visited the place, prior to the elections in July.

The officers reportedly took photos of the damages and informed her that repair works will begin in August.

Jalan Besar MP Denise Phua had also dropped by during her election walkabout and had taken note of the damage, claims the netizen.

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At the time, Ms Phua’s assistant allegedly took down the resident’s particulars, assuring her that everything would be taken care of.

However, it has been months and no action has apparently been taken.

The resident laments that her now 5-month-old child is beginning to crawl, but the space is not safe for her with the broken tiles.

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MP Denise Phua appealed to HDB

In response to MS News queries, MP Denise Phua shared that she has made several appeals to HDB regarding the extensive damages of the Jalan Besar flat.

Jalan Besar flat damagesSource

According to her, the first appeal did not see results as there was a shortage of workers due to the Covid-19 situation.

On Sunday (20 Sep), Ms Phua apparently appealed to HDB again, reminding them of the situation.

She has also informed the resident in question about the progress of the appeal.

Hope HDB will take action soon

We can definitely empathise with the resident’s predicament. After all, everyone deserves to stay in a safe home.

We hope HDB will be able to resolve the matter and repair the damages to the Jalan Besar flat soon to give the resident peace of mind.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.