Jamus Lim Gets 1st Place In Debate Coach’s Analysis For Proving WP As Legitimate Opposition

Debate Coach Ranks Jamus Lim First In 1 Jul Debate

Those who have watched the political debate on Wednesday (1 Jul) would surely agree that it was a productive one, with great points raised by the oppositions and our ruling party.

Though so, one man stole the spotlight with his fluent and concise answers, warming the cockles of Singaporeans’ hearts. That person is none other than Dr Jamus Lim.

WP’s Jamus Lim Wins Netizens’ Hearts In 1st GE2020 Debate Starring Vivian Balakrishnan

The Workers’ Party (WP) candidate was even acknowledged by debate coach Samuel Myat San, who took to Facebook shortly after to share his verdict on the discussion — Dr Lim received first place.

You can read his full post here:


Dr Jamus Lim ranks 1st place to debate coach

According to Coach Sam, the founder of Singapore Orators, WP’s Jamus Lim was awarded first place as he managed to prove the credibility of WP.


The debate coach also believes that the candidate offered “critical policy nuances”, including that of minimum wage and smaller class sizes.

He took a liking to Dr Lim’s “masterful” ending speech, pointing out his reasonable views and how Singaporeans can see similar discussions in Parliament if they vote for them in the elections.

Other candidates did well too

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan from the People’s Action Party (PAP) took 2nd place, according to Coach Sam. This was due to his preparedness and calm demeanour for most of the debate.


However, towards the end, Coach Sam pointed out that he appeared to have lost his cool with Dr Chee Soon Juan, breaking down the “positive” image he built earlier.

Dr Chee Soon Juan from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and Francis Yuen from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) took 3rd and 4th place respectively.


Even so, the coach acknowledged their contributions to the “civil and cordial debate”

He recognised that such sessions are constructive in educating voters during elections and hopes to see more.

Hope to see more of such debates

Certainly, the debate was a fruitful one as candidates were able to engage in discussions on ways to bring Singapore forward.

Like Coach Sam, we hope to see more of such debates for the coming elections.

Do you agree with Coach Sam’s analysis of the debate? Who did you think fared best?

Featured image adapted from YouTube.

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