Expect A Warm, Humid January With 34°C Peak Temperatures

A Warm, Windy & Humid January

We’d hate to start the new year off with bad news, but January is going to be warm and humid.


Since our island has always been warm and humid, January’s weather forecast should come as no surprise. Just another regular month in Singapore, after December’s cooler ‘winter’.

Higher temperatures in the first half of Jan

Temperatures will hit up to an average of 33°C from today (2 Jan) to next Thursday (10 Jan).


They will then fall a little to an average high of 28°C in for the remainder of the month.


As for rain, you can expect passing afternoon showers for the first half of the month and a couple of thunderstorms in the second half.

Stay-in January

The first half is going to be warm and humid. You may be familiar with that feeling of damp heat rising from the tarmac after the rain — the feeling that makes you wish you were snuggled in an air-conditioned room.

The second half is going to be showery — rain, rain, rain.

It’ll be a good idea to make more indoor plans and fewer outdoor ones.


Be careful of falling trees

Last month, 2 trees in Sembawang Park fell onto a pavilion, injuring 14 people. This happened during a thunderstorm. So whenever there are thunderstorms, you’d best take care to not walk under tall, huge trees.

Hopefully, February will bring better weather. For now, let’s get through January.

Featured image from Sustainable Solutions Network.

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