New Japan Covid-19 Test Kits Will Be Sold To Research & Testing Institutions From 16 Mar

Earlier this month, we reported that Singapore firms Verdus Laboratories, together with Home Team Science & Technology, successfully invented new Covid-19 test kits that could deliver results within 2-3 hours.

S’pore Checkpoints To Use New Covid-19 Test Kits That Deliver Results Within 3 Hours

Well, it seems like folks from Japan have bettered once again.

From next Monday (16 Mar), Japanese textile maker Kurabo will start selling new coronavirus test kits that can deliver results within 15 mins.

Japan test kits makes diagnosis based on presence of antibodies

According to Japan Times, the new test kits make the diagnosis based on a patient’s blood sample.


Similar to the serological tests invented by scientists at the Duke-NUS Medical School, the new kit tests for antibodies in a patient.

A reagent is added to the patient’s blood. And if they are infected with the new coronavirus, a red line will show up, indicating the presence of antibodies for the virus.

It is also effective in detecting the virus in patients who are at the early stages of the disease.

Kurabo will be selling the test kits to research and testing institutions. Each kit, capable of testing 10 samples, will cost S$328 (25,000 yen).

Will allow authorities to test for Covid-19 faster & better prevent spread

As the number of Covid-19 cases rises globally, the need for swifter test kits is increasing too.

It remains to be seen if these will be making way to our shores any time soon. Whatever the case, faster testing times will surely allow authorities to prevent confirmed cases from further spreading the disease, which will hopefully keep the outbreak under control.

Featured image adapted from Japan Times