Victim in 3-person JB car crash drowning was going to move to Singapore

JB car crash victim was intending to move to Singapore, worked as chef

A victim involved in the car crash in Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru (JB) reportedly had plans to move to Singapore on 3 June so he could be closer to his workplace.

China Press reported that Zhu Wanrou and Zhu Weiyan, who were siblings, had also been planning to bring their parents and family to China in August. Unfortunately, that trip will never materialise.

The Zhu family held the siblings’ wake on Tuesday (4 June).

Source: China Press

Older sister had taken parents to Singapore zoo before car crash

The Zhus’ younger sister Zhu Shuqi told China Press that her sister had just taken her parents and family to the Singapore Zoo for a day trip last Sunday.

Source: China Press

She also mentioned that she had planned to arrange a tour group to take her parents and family to China in August this year.

“My elder sister went to Hong Kong for a five-day trip with her brother-in-law and five-year-old son two weeks ago, and my elder brother went to Thailand for a four-day trip last week. I didn’t expect something like this to happen after they came back,” Ms Zhu said.

She added that her sister, Wanrou, was a beautician and she had worked in Singapore for more than ten years. Her brother-in-law also worked in Singapore.

“My sister’s son will be celebrating his fifth birthday in mid-June. Originally, my sister planned to hold a birthday party for his son in JB and also prepared gifts for his kindergarten classmates, but unfortunately, these plans are now scuppered.”

Younger brother was undecided about whether to stay

Ms Zhu also noted that her brother had come to Singapore to work as a chef before the Covid-19 pandemic and had worked there for more than five years. The siblings lived with their parents in JB and crossed the border to work in Singapore every day.

Source: China Press

She revealed that her brother had originally planned to move back to Singapore on 3 June as the daily commute was too tiring for him.

However, he had also been undecided. According to Ms Zhu, Zhu Weiyan also had plans to quit his job in Singapore and return to Yong Peng, but he had not made a decision yet at the time of his untimely death.

Liu Jinxiang, director of Yong Peng Life Care Company, also said that Wei Yan was very loyal and optimistic during his lifetime. He was just a little tired after working in Singapore for many years, Mr Liu noted.

When they met in April, Mr Liu said Wei Yan revealed he was considering returning to Yong Peng as a chef.

Accident happened at around 7am

The accident, which killed the siblings and a friend of the siblings, occurred at about 7am on Sunday (2 June) at the BMW Service Center section in front of the Tune Hotel in Johor Bahru.

According to preliminary investigations, it is believed that due to the slippery road after the rain, the black Toyota Alphard SUV that the three people were in lost control and fell into a large ditch about three feet deep on the side of the road.

The river water submerged the car’s roof, resulting in the three becoming trapped. They subsequently drowned.

Zhu Shuqi pointed out that when the car fell into the ditch, Ms Hou Xiaozhen, the third victim, happened to be on a video call with a friend and sent the location to the friend in time.

She sent the location about 10 minutes after they’d left their home in JB, which shows that the accident happened shortly after they began driving.

Cause of accident uncertain

Ms Zhu said that Hou Xiaozhen had known her brother and sister for many years. When the accident happened, her brother and sister were sitting in the front seat, while Hou Xiaozhen was sitting in the back seat.

The Toyota Alphard SUV that fell into the ditch belonged to her sister, who was driving the car at the time of the accident. The accident perplexed Ms Zhu, who said the scene of the incident was not far from her home and they were on a straight road.

She could not understand why it lost control and fell into the ditch.

Although her sister’s car has a dashcam, the footage can’t be accessed at present. She hopes that any witnesses to the incident can provide footage to the police of family members.

Ms Zhu said when her father learned that his brother and sister were in trouble, the family immediately notified her brother-in-law to rush to the scene, but it was too late.

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