5 JB Tips Every S’porean Should Know Like NETs Payment & No Motorcycle Tolls At Tuas

5 JB Trip Essentials For Singaporeans To Remember

Hari Raya is approaching and many Singaporeans are already planning trips to Johor Bahru (JB) to do some major shopping.

But before you make that Causeway crossover, you should take note of 5 important changes that have either taken place or will occur over the next few months.

1. NETs payment accepted in Malaysia

Wait right there if you were thinking of leaving your NETs card behind — you can actually use it in JB.


Since Nov 2018, 4,500 NETs acceptance points have sprung up in Malaysia, with a few available at these popular JB malls:

  • Johor Bahru City Square
  • KSL City
  • Sutera Mall

Currency conversion fees don’t apply, so you can swipe and spend as if you’re still right here in Singapore. No more mad rushes for long queues at the money-changer.

2. 3/4-tank rule applies to diesel vehicles too

We all know that kiasu Singaporean who keeps just enough fuel to reach a JB petrol station before filling up to more than full tank there.


The 3/4-tank rule which requires Singapore-registered vehicles to have at least three quarters of their tank filled with petrol or compressed natural gas (CNG) changed that.

In Jan 2019, Singapore Customs extended the rule to diesel-powered vehicles too.

Those found guilty of flouting this rule may be fined S$500 or charged in court, and could be asked to make a U-turn at the checkpoint.

Families planning to bring the whole kampung over in a van, please take note.

3. Lower GST import relief

You have your cards and transportation sorted out and are ready for a marathon shopping spree, but hold on a sec.

Before you try to jam your haul in your car boot, remember to keep track of your expenditure, as GST charges on goods brought into Singapore have changed since Budget 2019 was announced in Feb.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Spend less than 48 hours outside Singapore – pay GST on items worth $100 each & above
  • Spend more than 48 hours outside Singapore – pay GST on items worth $500 each & above

Spending so much on an item kind of defeats the purpose of going all the way to JB to shop, but you never know when you’re feeling like royalty with the exchange rate.

4. No motorcycle tolls at Tuas

Motorcyclists looking to scrimp on every penny for your shopping spree can head to the Tuas Second Link, which no longer has any tolls.

Malaysia got rid of them in Nov 2018, and Singapore followed suit in Jan 2019. That means you get to ride in and out for free, but no promises that traffic will be just as smooth.

5. Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) from Oct 2019

From Oct, all foreign vehicles travelling into Malaysia will require a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) to enter.

Online applications for the VEP are already open, and you can access them via the link here. Registration will incur a one-time processing fee of RM10 (S$3.28).

Each VEP is valid for 5 years.

Have a smooth & safe journey

These changes are being put in place to improve the safety and efficiency of Singaporeans’ travels in JB.

Hopefully once everyone is more aware of them, we could all have a good time on our trips, without facing any difficulties.

Featured image from Taxi Singapore.

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