S’porean Motorists Will Need To Register For Entry Permit To Enter M’sia From 1 Oct

Singapore Motorists Can Apply For The Vehicle Entry Permit Online

Singaporeans who travel often to Malaysia, do take note.

Starting from October, you’ll need a vehicle entry permit (VEP) to enter our neighbour across the Causeway, according to Malaysia‘s Transport Ministry.


Valid for 5 years

The VEP is issued by Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (RTD) and motorists can register for it online.

These tags are equipped with RFID technology which can be detected by readers at the customs.

Here’s what the VEP-RFID tag will look like:

Sample of a VEP RFID tag

The permit is valid for 5 years and but permit holders are strongly encouraged to renew it at least 2 months before expiry.

Motorists can register for it online

Singaporeans entering Malaysia by vehicle can obtain the VEP-RFID tags by registering online here.

After registration, you’ll receive an online notification from Malaysia’s Transport Ministry informing you of the time, date and collection venue. 

You’ll then have to head down to the given place of location with the relevant confirmation documents and make payment for processing fees.

For more information, visit the Road Transport Department of Malaysia’s website here.

Smoother entry into Malaysia

With the VEP-RFID tag, verified vehicles can be easily detected by RFID readers installed at each lane at the Johor checkpoint.

This will hopefully make the process more automated so drivers can pass through faster.

So before you go for your next shopping trip across the Causeway, remember to register for the VEP-RFID tags online for a smoother entry into Malaysia!

Featured image from Johor Transport.

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