Stefanie Sun & JJ Lin Will Perform NDP Duet To Thank Frontliners

Some local artists and National Day Parade (NDP) songs go hand-in-hand. For example, JJ Lin performed the 2015 NDP theme song, “Our Singapore”, while Stefanie Sun’s memorable We Will Get There is fondly remembered even till today.

In Jan this year, the duo collaborated on a Mandarin song, “Stay With You“, to thank frontliners for their bravery and sacrifice during Covid-19.

JJ Lin & Stefanie Sun Collaborate For Wuhan Virus Song, Cheering Us On In Trying Times

Now, they’ll perform a new English version of “Stay With You” for NDP 2020, according to an announcement on Wednesday (5 Aug).

Song written to thank frontliners

According to CNA Lifestyle, the song will be performed as a duet, with Ms Sun singing live at the NDP 2020 Evening Show on 9 Aug, while JJ Lin will join her via live link remotely from Taiwan.


In an Instagram post, JJ Lin said he wished to bring forth a sense of togetherness no matter where we are.


They probably couldn’t have guessed that the song, initially written for frontliners in Wuhan, would end up being a cheer for unsung heroes the world over, including in Singapore.

For those who would like to listen to it digitally, it’ll be out from 10pm on Sunday (9 Aug).

Emotional tribute by SG’s pride to SG’s pride

This NDP will take on special significance as one being held amidst a global pandemic.

It is the time to celebrate those who have been fighting the entire time against our invisible enemy, and National Day is a great way to get the whole nation together.

There is cause for optimism still, as we gradually reopen the economy and show our appreciation to frontliners.

Hopefully there’ll be better days ahead for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.