Johor Customs Will Open All Counters From 23-28 Jan

Every Chinese New Year (CNY), hordes of people travel between Singapore and Malaysia, be it to visit relatives, or simply for leisure purposes.

Anticipating this surge in traffic, Malaysia’s Immigration Department has increased the number of counters at Johor Checkpoints from 23-28 Jan.

The Sultan Abu Bakar Complex in Johor

This is according to a post by Malaysia’s Immigration Department.

Top-up Touch ‘n Go card before entering Johor Customs

According to The Straits Times, all counters will be in operation at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex and the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex. The former is the point-of-entrance for people entering via the Woodlands Checkpoint while the latter is the entry point for travellers from the Second Link Bridge at Tuas.

The CIQ building in Johor

Additionally, 12 more counters will be added to the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex, bringing the total number to 36.

“Special” counters will also be available for pregnant women, senior citizens, and people with disabilities will also be available at both complexes.

Additionally, the Immigration Department has also taken steps to ensure systems in both complexes are in “good working condition”. Officers from other units have also been redeployed to both entry points, presumably to help expedite the operations.

In the same announcement, the Malaysian Immigration Department also urged travellers – specifically Singaporeans – to have sufficient credit in their Touch ‘n Go card, to avoid any unnecessary delays.


Hope the measures will ease congestion

Props to the Malaysian Immigration Department for anticipating the surge in traffic and introducing measures to help cope with it.

Let’s hope that they will prove useful and help ease the expected congestion during the upcoming festive period.

If you are travelling across the Causeway this CNY, be mindful of the advisory above and plan your journey ahead. Have a happy Lunar New Year!

Featured image adapted from Wikipedia