MDA: Taiwan And HK Are Wrong. Jolin Tsai’s Gay-Friendly MV Is Not Banned In Singapore

[Update: 26 May, 5.12PM] MDA have seemingly confirmed that the song and video are indeed banned on cable TV, free-to-air channels and radio here. The Straits Times ran an article clarifying the ban, one day after running another article saying that song and video are “not banned is Singapore”.

So which is it? Erm. Maybe we should all just email ST and ask for a clarification from them instead of MDA?

Papers say lesbian-themed video is not allowed, but MDA suggests otherwise

Jolin Tsai’s new music video for the song We’re All Different, Yet The Same <<不一样又怎样>>, was released on the Internet last December (2014), but regional news outlets reported that Singapore has banned the video, more than five months later.

According to this report, the video was banned because the “lyrics and content advocate same sex marriage”.

The news even made it to the Chinese version of, because apparently a Chinese version of is an actual thing.

The Shanghaiist also takes the opportunity to blast the Media Development Authority (MDA).


Wow. Real classy, guys.

Jolin’s label, Warner Music, also alluded to the ban by posting the video on their Facebook page, proving that music labels know that no publicity is bad publicity.


The Taiwanese singer has weighed in on the matter, saying that the ban was a pity, but also respects differences in opinions.


MDA says video isn’t actually banned

The MV in question is based on a true story, and features actress Ruby Lin and singer Jolin as a lesbian couple, and they lock lips in a flashback marriage ceremony.

MDA says the video is not banned, but is allowed with “the requisite age rating and consumer advice”.

What does that mean? Well, who knows?

Local broadcasters, meanwhile, have been told not to air the song and music video on media that can be easily accessed by young audiences.

Because YouTube isn’t a local broadcaster, the video is readily available on their platform.


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With reference from The Straits Times

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