Joshua Ang Denies Wife’s Allegations Of Abuse, Says He’s Suing Her For Defamation

Joshua Ang Denies Allegations Of Abuse Made By Wife 1 Day After Divorce Announcement

When a marriage breaks down, it can be hard to determine who exactly was at fault. Often, it takes 2 hands to clap and the same 2 to sever ties.

‘I Not Stupid’ star Joshua Ang announced his divorce with Shannon Low on 14 Dec via Instagram, following a report on Lianhe Zaobao.

Since then however, Low has alleged several instances of violence by Ang on Instagram Stories last night (15 Dec).

‘I Not Stupid’ Star Joshua Ang Announces Divorce, Ex-Wife Claims Domestic Abuse

Ang denies these claims and notes that a district judge had dismissed these allegations previously.


Ang shared that he is pursuing an Access Order to see his son – he hasn’t seen him in 195 days – and that he will be suing his ex-wife for defamation.

Joshua Ang sues ex-wife for defamatory allegations to protect reputation

Previously, Ang was alleged to have inflicted instances of violence towards Low and her son.


The 31-year-old shared with MS News over a phone call that these were “false and baseless” allegations.

As a result, he will be suing her for defamation – specifically libel – to defend his reputation.

When asked to speculate possible motivations behind spreading these allegations, Ang explains that it was probably because he’s had multiple court cases involving Low:

  • She filed a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him in Jun
  • He was alleged to have committed a crime by breaking into his own house
  • He lodged a police report against her for allegedly damaging his clothes worth $6,000
  • He’s pursuing an Access Order to meet his son

The next hearing for the Access Order will be held on 22 Dec.

Personal Protection Order case dismissed

Ang shared that Low tried to file a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him in Jun this year after he had purportedly hit her jaw — as claimed in Low’s Instagram story last night.


When the case went to court, Ang said that he had proof to show that she was already suffering a toothache, which he offered to pay her dental fees for.

In the end, Ang told MS News that the judge ended up dismissing Low’s allegations as there was insufficient proof to substantiate her claims.

Joshua Ang denies allegations that he was kicked out of home

On the allegation that he was “kicked out of the house”, which Low mentioned several times in her stories, Ang clarified that he had shifted out on his own accord on 2 Jun due to an argument.

As this happened during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, he said he had a lot of things on his plate, and thought it would be good to give each other space and think things through.

Low also mentioned that he’d come to “loot the whole house” when she wasn’t at home on 15 Aug.

Low’s Instagram story alleging that Ang “looted” the house

Addressing this, Ang said the matter started when both him and his father were repeatedly denied from seeing his son.

This explains why he needed to call a locksmith, and had only done so on advice of the police. 4 police officers tagged along to assist him in recovering the items.

So, by saying that I “looted” the house, that’s putting me in a very bad light.

“The police were present. The police made her check every single item before I brought it out of the house. And she said I looted the house, that’s not fair to me,” he told MS News.

$6,000 worth of clothes allegedly destroyed

After recovering his items, Ang and Low found another court case on their hands, as he alleged that she had “cut up” and used a marker pen to draw on his clothes — $6,000 worth of them.

He lodged a police report, and said that the case has been raised to the local magistrate.

The courts will then decide how he will be remunerated.

Addressed allegations of shouting and walking away from wife

In some of Low’s stories, she included screenshots of people saying that they had seen him shout at Low in a restaurant and simply walked away.


Ang pointed out that the reason he walked away was because he wanted to avoid arguments. “I don’t want to argue,” he said.

“I’m a public figure. If I was screaming, don’t you think the person would’ve recorded the conversation?” he added, stressing that these were once again, baseless allegations.

Anyone who knows me, knows I walk away from arguments. If there’s anything, I’ll call the police. I’ll tell people to speak to my lawyer.

He noted that he came back to pick Low and his son up, after calling her to ensure that she had calmed down.

Wanted to keep things private to protect his son

Before the matter blew up, Ang maintained that he simply wanted to keep their private matters, well, private, because he wants to protect his son.


Now that things are out in the open, with allegations hurled against one another, Ang has since made his Instagram account public again, saying,

My conscience is clear, that’s why I reported to the police.

He uploaded a screenshot of his police report on Instagram just a few hours ago.


We’ve reached out to Low to hear her side of the story. In the meantime, she’s responded to the report in an Instagram story.


Hope problems can be resolved eventually

Getting a divorce is a hugely complicated and upsetting matter. It’s sad that things have progressed to allegations against each other, with ‘dirty laundry’ aired in public.

No matter how things end, we hope that the two will eventually get to settle their problems amicably.

After all, at the end of the day, the child might be the one most hurt by their disputes.

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