Man Lauded For Picking Up Glass Shards With Bare Hands At Jurong East MRT

He Didn’t Want Jurong East MRT Commuters To Step On It

Everyone has their own way of showing kindness.

For Hakim, this involved helping to pick up glass shards left behind by a kid who dropped a bottle.

Ms Shu Ting Bay, a university student who witnessed this touching moment, took to Facebook to commend the man.

Here’s her post in full, we also break it down for you after the jump.


Kid shatters glass bottle at Jurong East MRT Interchange

On Monday (28 Jan), a mother was walking with her child at Jurong East MRT Interchange when her child dropped a glass bottle.

The bottle shattered on the spot, leaving behind glass shards on the floor.

Perhaps to enlist help from MRT staff nearby, the pair then left the scene.

A hero without a cape

Hakim was next to the pair when the incident occurred.

As the mother and her child walked away, Hakim came forward and picked up the pieces of glass with his bare hands, before disposing of them.

Here’s a picture of Hakim in action.


Didn’t want others to step on it

When probed, Hakim said that he picked up the glass pieces as he was afraid other Jurong East commuters might step on them — injuring themselves in the process.

What a compassionate man indeed.

Of course, readers are advised not to pick up glass shards with their bare hands, if they aren’t confident that they won’t get injured.

Lauded by netizens

Most netizens were full of praise towards Hakim’s actions and thought he deserved to be blessed in return.


Some netizens pointed out that race really doesn’t matter when it comes to such acts of kindness.


Finally, one netizen felt that the child’s mother was “unreasonable” for leaving the scene.


In all fairness, it’s also possible that she went off asking for help.

Faith in humanity restored

To conclude, Shu Ting explained that the intended focus of her post was to showcase the fact that kindness exists, regardless of where we come from.

We couldn’t agree more with Shu Ting’s affirmation of our faith in humanity.

Everyone can truly be kind or civic-minded, regardless of race, language, religion indeed.

Featured image from Facebook.

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