S’porean Kayaker Lost At Sea For 6 Days Wished To Donate Her Organs Upon Death

S’porean Kayaker Was Selfless Even In Death

On Wednesday (14 Aug) Malaysian authorities confirmed that the body of Ms Puah Geok Tin – the kayaker who was lost at sea for 6 days – has been found in waters off Terengganu.

As many Singaporeans griefed alongside Ms Puah’s family, Lianhe Zaobao reported on Saturday (17 Aug) that the late Ms Puah had wished to donate her organs upon her death.


Sadly, she won’t be able to do so.

Ms Puah won’t be able to donate her organs

According to an interview by Lianhe Zaobao,  Mr Peng – Ms Puah’s husband – shared that his late wife had 3 wishes while she was still alive.

One of these wishes includes donating all her organs upon her death.

Ms Peng claims that his wife had even signed an agreement for this arrangement to happen.

Unfortunately, she will not be able to do so as her organs had reportedly swelled after being submerged in water for such a long time.


Ms Phua prefer to die doing a sport she liked

Mr Peng also shared in the interview that another of his wife’s wishes was that would prefer to die doing a sport she liked.

So even though she did not fulfil her wish of donating her organs, her second wish did come through, and thus “did not leave behind any regrets”.

Ms Puah’s body was transported back to Singapore on Friday (16 Aug). Her wake will be held from Saturday (17 Aug) to Monday (19 Aug) in Tampines.


Hope Ms Puah is now in a better place

While it is unfortunate that the late Ms Puah did not get to donate her organs, perhaps her family, and everyone who has mourned alongside them seek solace in the fact that she died doing something that she loved.

Once again, MS News would like to send our condolences to the deceased family.

We hope Ms Puah is in a better place and is rid of any suffering.

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