These KINEX Fitness Spots Let You Pick Up Martial Arts & Work Out With Trainers

After extended periods of staying home this year, some of us may notice that certain body parts have grown a little pudgier.

With the onslaught of festive gatherings to attend at the end of the year, even the fittest friend in your clique would find it a challenge to stick to a lean diet.

If you’re determined to start 2021 with a new you, you can visit these places at KINEX mall in Katong to burn off all that WFH and festive feast calories.


Forget traditional treadmills and conventional cycling machines — here are more ways to stay active without having to follow a mundane routine.

Train like a superhero at Evolve MMA

The tendency to chill after surviving the slog of a demanding day at work is irresistible, so fighting the temptation quite literally may be the most effective way.

Image courtesy of Evolve MMA

Located on the 2nd floor of KINEX, Evolve MMA has Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes that let you burn up to 1,000 calories in just 1 hour.


That’s effectively burning off that greasy burger and sinful French fries you had for lunch.


Those with kids needn’t let babysitting keep you from achieving the best version of yourself, as you can bring them along for the Evolve Little Samurai Children’s Programme.


They’ll be exposed to a world of self-defense techniques, so you can have confidence that they can protect themselves when necessary.

Demolish flabs at Body Fit Training

After enjoying one too many festive feasts this month, bread rolls at Christmas meal won’t be the only rolls you might see.

You’re going to need discipline and sheer willpower to get rid of unwanted puffs. New at KINEX B1 is Body Fit Training that lets aspiring fitspos choose from 12 targeted training programmes.

Image courtesy of Body Fit Training

From strength training to intense cardio and combat fitness, you can stop envying and start channelling your favourite fitness influencer at a pre-opening rate of $68/week.

Image courtesy of Body Fit Training

Body Fit Training embraces science and technology in their regimes, so you will get to cut fat and build muscle using scientifically proven training techniques.


Effectiveness is key in your fitness journey, which is why every bead of perspiration counts as it brings you closer to the stronger, leaner version of yourself.

As your progress and performance levels are constantly tracked like a report card, be sure to aim for ‘good grades’ and get the A* you never did in Physical Education.

Late night gym sesh at Anytime Fitness

Sitting at your WFH desk for hours can end up tightening your muscles. The best remedy to tackle such tension – believe it or not – is actually some exercise.

No matter how early you start or end work, you would be glad to know that Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — just like their name suggests.

Image courtesy of Anytime Fitness

All you need to do is sign up to get a key card, and enjoy round-the-clock access to their perpetually opened doors at every gym outlet across the island.

Image courtesy of Anytime Fitness

With shower facilities available, you can wash up before heading home to relax. A fitter you will be able to handle demands of life with renewed vigour.

Image courtesy of Anytime Fitness

For those hustling as healthcare heroes to take care of others, remember that it’s important to take care of yourselves too.

With a 20% discount on a 12-month membership, you can use this as a chance to boost your stamina so you can better tackle the gruelling hours of shift work.

Torch calories at 3 fitness spots in KINEX Mall

Fitness YouTubers love to say, “No pain, no gain”, but bear in mind that if you’re just starting out, take it easy as you wouldn’t want to set yourself up for injuries.

If you prefer exercising with buddies, ask a good friend or close family member, so you can give each other the support needed in the face of burpees and jumping jacks at KINEX.

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437157
Opening hours: 10.30am-9.30pm

Once you’ve decided the fitness spot that’s right for your needs, check out their details below so you’ll know where to find them.

Evolve MMA #02-52
Opening hours:
Mon–Fri: 6.30am–11pm
Sat & Sun: 7am–8pm
Contact: 6288 2293
Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Body Fit Training #B1-01
Opening hours:
Morning sessions: 6.30am, 7.45am & 9am
Afternoon sessions: 12pm
Evening sessions: 6.30pm & 7.30pm
Sat sessions: 8am, 9am & 10am
Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Anytime Fitness #02-01
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm
Sat: 10am-2pm
Sun: Office Closed
(Open 24 hours to Members)
Contact: 9154 4755
Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram

You don’t need to get a perfect body, you just need to get started.

Keep your fitness goals in sight for 2021

Starting on a fitness journey can be daunting, especially when you’re more of a Netflix-and-chill kinda person or can’t resist sinking your teeth into good food.

It helps to realise that daily exercise is not just about losing weight — it’s also to improve your health so you can grow old without having to worry much about chronic illnesses and steep medical bills.

As we enter a new phase – Phase 3 – and a new year, it’s also time to work towards a newer, stronger version of you.

So keep your spirit bright, those muscles tight, and fitness goals in sight.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with KINEX.

Featured image courtesy of Anytime Fitness, Body Fit Training & Evolve MMA.