King Cobra Devours Python After 7-Hour Showdown In Mandai, Battle Documented In Nat Geo-Worthy Pics

4-Metre-Long King Cobra Devours Python At Mandai After 7-Hour Showdown In Mandai

Warning: The images below may be disturbing to some. Reader discretion is advised.

Snakes, in most ecosystems, are found near the top of the food chain. As such, it’s not often that we see two of these apex predators going head to head in a fight to the death.

Yet a king cobra and a reticulated python were seen in an epic showdown in Mandai on Thursday (21 Sep).

Source: @wildtographyy on Instagram

Nature photographers somehow captured stunning footage of the seven-hour battle, in which the cobra eventually emerged the victor thanks to its venom.

King cobra devours python in Mandai after lengthy showdown

On Friday (22 Sep) morning, Facebook user Remy Shek posted photos of the “intense and deadly” showdown in the Singapore Wildlife Sightings group.

According to the accompanying caption, the king cobra employed a ‘hit-and-run’ tactic for the battle, sinking its venomous fangs into the python’s body.

Source: @wildtographyy on Instagram

As it waited for the venom to take effect, the cobra fled the scene and returned moments later. The venomous snake repeated this several times.

Being the constrictor that it was and refusing to go down without a fight, the python wrapped its body around the cobra to restrict its breathing.

Image courtesy of Daryl

However, after a battle that reportedly lasted seven hours, it was the king cobra that emerged victorious.

Photos shared by Remy show the cobra swallowing the constrictor whole.

Source: @wildtographyy on Instagram

Daryl, another nature photographer, also shared pictures of the encounter in the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group.

Recounting the encounter, Daryl estimated that the cobra and python measured about four and three metres respectively.

Source: @clickingthecritters on Instagram

According to him, the cobra’s ‘hit-and-run’ tactic went on for about six hours, during which the python tried its best to resist the cobra’s venom.

Source: @clickingthecritters on Instagram

Kept their distance so cobra wouldn’t abandon its meal

Speaking to MS News, Remy shared that it was his first time seeing a snake fighting and devouring another snake.

He stressed the importance of understanding the snake’s body language, adding that he went nearer when the cobra was eating.

As for Daryl, this wasn’t the first time that he encountered a cannibalistic snake.

Back in 2021, he came face to face with another king cobra that was feasting on a water snake at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

King Cobra Eats Python Whole At Sungei Buloh, Photographer Captures Rare Spectacle

As for the most recent encounter, Daryl explained that he and his friends went with “dinner, rain gear, and stools” when they went down to document the ‘battle’.

In order not to stress the cobra into abandoning its kill, Daryl explained that they decided to “hang back” while awaiting updates.

Source: @clickingthecritters on Instagram

All in all, Daryl said it was a “nerve-racking” experience since there was no guarantee that the cobra would return each time it fled.

Daryl shared similar precautionary tips as Remy, saying that it was arguably safest to approach the cobra while it was preoccupied with its meal.

Source: @clickingthecritters on Instagram

Nonetheless, Daryl and his companions were also careful when taking pictures of the snakes.

He shared that only two of them would take photographs at any one time while the others kept an eye on the serpents.

While most of us probably won’t have the opportunity to see such a nature documentary-worthy sight in person, at least we can see how amazing — and utterly terrifying — nature can be through these photos.

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Featured image adapted from @clickingthecritters on Instagram.

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