King Cobra Eats Python Whole At Sungei Buloh, Photographer Captures Rare Spectacle

Photographer Spots King Cobra Swallowing A Python On 22 Jun

We often hear of the expression that it’s a dog-eat-dog world but perhaps in nature, it’s sometimes more of a snake-eat-snake world.

On Wednesday (23 Jun), photographer Law Ingg Thong shared stunning pictures of a king cobra devouring a python whole on Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings.

king cobra eating pythonSource

After many failed attempts to capture pictures of the king cobra, he finally succeeded in seeing it at Sungei Buloh on Tuesday (22 Jun).

Cobra bites & kills python

Speaking to MS News, Mr Law said NParks staff had spotted the king cobra in the early afternoon on Thursday (22 Jun) at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


At the time, the king cobra was entangled with a reticulated python. It then bit the python and left. After more than an hour, the python reportedly died.

King cobra finishes eating python in 40 minutes

At about 5pm, the king cobra returned to its hideout.

king cobra eating pythonSource

That’s when Mr Law got to witness the incredible sight of nature at work.

He told MS News that the cobra approached the python’s carcass and started swallowing it whole.


Within about 40 minutes, the cobra managed to devour the entire python.

Another photographer present at the time also managed to capture the scene on video and shared it in a Facebook post.

In the video, the king cobra can be seen taking its time to swallow its extremely long meal.

An incredibly rare encounter

Mr Law shared that this was his first encounter with the king cobra after 6 long years of trying to spot it.

To finally see the cobra’s majesty in real life was thus breathtaking.

Plus, he also got to watch the predator in action — an extremely rare encounter and an incredible phenomenon.

According to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the king cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world. They are native to Singapore but are not commonly spotted.

Keep your distance from snakes

To catch such a rare snake under even rarer circumstances must have been a spectacular experience.

One thing’s for sure, it certainly shows us how vicious nature can be, even in its beauty.

So if you happen to come across a snake, it’s best to err on the safe side and keep your distance.

You can also contact NParks at 1800-476-1600 for help.

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Featured image adapted from Law Ingg Thong on Facebook.

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