Korean Dota Team Spends More Than $13K To Play In Singapore, Just For Less Lag

If they emerge top 4 in upcoming Dota 2 competition, that $13k will totally be worth it

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They’re MVP.Phoenix and MVP.Hot6ix (first and second photo respectively), and together they make up MVP.

One of the players, Singaporean Wong Jeng Yih, was the one who jio-ed the team here for less lag.

Isn’t it quite amusing that a Singaporean is someone else’s foreign talent? (K please don’t hate me.)

If team MVP emerges top 4 in The International, an annual Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2 world championship, their $13,000 investment in Singapore’s less lag will pale in comparison to the prize money they can pocket.

By the time you read this, the South Korean team would have touched down in Changi Airport and prepared their game faces:


Anyway, back to what I was saying.

The team will be playing for the qualifying rounds of The International this weekend (even though South Korea has its own gaming server), because the South East Asian servers for the qualifying rounds are based here.

They’ve chosen this famous speck on the world map for less gaming lag. Lan shop OASIS Cafe, to be exact.

Fun fact #1: They’re having a fan meet before that! Go support them because it’s the 2nd best thing you can do this weekend after wasting 12 hours on Dota 2 or live streams (OK I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING).

What this means for the South Koreans is that their gaming lag is slowed by 100 milliseconds (ms). To put it more cheem-ly, the team can enjoy 30 to 60 ms ping in Singapore over Korea’s 160 ms ping.

Fun fact #2: Ping measures lag, or, the total time taken for information to leave one server and return to the same server.

And yes, those 100 ms matter. A lot.

They’re so set on the prize money, what is $13,000?

Spending $13k to up their game by  (and for qualifiers only!) proves that these guys aren’t messing around.

But that’s not all.

This sum of money is a mere accessory to the 12 hours each team member spends practising daily.

Plus, they’re South Koreans – the Chuck Norrises of gaming – and boast a solid number one world ranking in total winnings from gaming competitions:


To top that all off, the two MVP teams have the confidence of emerging top four.

The growing prize pool for The International is already worth almost US$9.2 million, so the teams have a chance of walking away with at least half a million dollars or more.

I guess you can say team MVP players are about to become literally, MVPs.

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