Korean Boosts Hawker Dad’s Orders With Facebook Post, Thanks S’poreans For Being Awesome

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Korean Girl Asks Netizens To Visit Her Hawker Dad’s Stall, Boosts His Business Amid Covid-19 Slump

Although we’re still having our 3 square meals a day, many hawkers still seem to find their businesses struggling.

This was especially true for one Korean daughter, Ms Suh, who witnessed her Dad agonise over plummeting orders.

Eventually, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and took to Facebook to advertise her father’s business.


Lo and behold, Ms Suh’s post has since revitalised the flow of customers, quadrupling the amount of orders received per day.

Urged locals to try her dad’s Korean fare

Compared to other food establishments, it was more difficult for the Korean hawker to keep orders rolling in.

This was because the store only offered takeaways, and didn’t do deliveries, prioritising the “freshness in our taste”.

BBQ beef, which according to Ms Suh, is the favourite of elderly

Hence, Ms Suh attempted to extend the stores customer base by inviting locals to visit via the Hawkers United – Dabao 2020‘s Facebook page.

In her post, she shared that her dad had never once received negative feedback on his cooking, personally recommending the Saba fish.

Saba fish and spicy pork

In true Singaporean fashion, she urged members of the group go down to the shop to takeaway some food, citing “Never try Never Know!”

Quadrupled her father’s orders

It seems that her post had the desired effect, as orders came pouring in after that.

In an exclusive interview with 8days, Ms Suh shared that daily sales went from 60-70 orders a day, to about 240 daily orders.


Orders were so overwhelming that Mr Suh lost 6kg trying to cope with the surge.

Says Singaporeans are “SUPER AWESOME”

Appreciative of the support, Ms Suh made a second post to thank Singaporeans and update them on the state of her father’s business.


She shared that she was “super grateful” for all the kindness they have received, and thanked Singaporeans for their graciousness and compassion.

Ms Suh also proclaimed,

singaporeans are super awesome!!

Supporting our hawkers

This goes to show how important it is to support each other during this tough time.

What might be a small action to us could mean a world of difference for another.

Let’s unite as Singaporean foodies to protect affordable and delicious cuisines since food is for the soul – another type of support needed during this pandemic.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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