Korean Woman Exposes Racist Behaviour Encountered On TikTok Live, Hopes To Spread Awareness

US Girls Display Racist Behaviour Towards Korean Streamer, One Does Offensive Slant-Eye Gesture

Korean Streamer Calls Out Racism After 2 American Girls Behave Rudely Towards Her

Anti-Asian racism has been on the rise in Western countries ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, and unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t completely going away.

Recently, a Korean TikToker who goes by the nickname Gemini Jury shared a clip of two American girls displaying racist behaviour towards her during a livestream.


I have traveled since I was 4 and learned to respect culture. I hope this helps people to realize what racism to Asian people looks like. #aapi #racism #racismawareness #fyp #fypシ

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Not only was the pair dismissive and condescending, but one of them even pulled the corner of her eyes to make them appear ‘slanted’, supposedly mimicking an Asian’s features.

“I hope this helps people to [realise] what racism to Asian people looks like,” the OP wrote.

Her video has since gone viral with over 5.7 million views and thousands of comments slamming the racist girls for their appalling behaviour.

Korean streamer speaks Spanish, gets told to speak English

Gemini Jury is a Korean streamer and influencer based in Los Angeles, California.

At the time of writing, she has over 73,000 followers on TikTok and 207,000 followers on Instagram.

korean streamer racism

Source: @gemini_jury on Instagram

Two days ago, she posted a recording of her encounter with two girls who said they were from Dallas, Texas.

Unfortunately, we know right off the bat that it wasn’t a friendly exchange thanks to the large chunk of text that reads, “POV: You’re experiencing racism during live”.

korean streamer racism

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

Things start normally enough at first, with the OP saying “hola” and one of the other girls greeting “hello” in return.

However, the atmosphere immediately tenses up after the streamer asks, “Cómo estás?”, or “How are you?” in Spanish.

Instead of being receptive to someone from a different culture speaking what is presumably her mother tongue, one of the Dallas girls scoffs, “Can you speak English?”

While Gemini Jury looked too stunned to speak, she added “I don’t owe anyone any language” as a text overlay over the video.

“You don’t sound fluent in Spanish,” the Dallas girl continues, clearly unimpressed.

In another text overlay, Gemini Jury wrote that she is speaking Konglish, or Korean-style English, which is “often spoken and accepted” in her culture.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

One of the two women makes slant-eye gesture

After a few more awkward exchanges, the girl in the striped tank says she no longer wants to continue the livestream with Gemini Jury.

The latter accepts this and says “goodbye” in Korean. This is when the Dallas girls’ true colours really pop out.

“Get your bunny ears out of here,” says the other girl in a blank top, leading her friend to fall backwards and let out a shrill cackle as if it were the most hilarious joke in the world.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

She then proceeds to pull up the corners of her eyes to make them appear ‘slanted’ before bursting into laughter again.

This is, of course, a derogatory and racist gesture that’s used to mock East Asians.

korean streamer

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

Korean streamer remains calm, asks them if they are looking to go viral

Impressively, Gemini Jury is able to keep her composure through this horrible treatment. “Are some of you recording this?” she asks viewers.

Undaunted, the girl in front responds, “I would hope so.”

Gemini Jury then questions, “You wanna go viral, right?”

“No, we don’t care about all that,” the other streamer answers.

At this point, her friend behind points out, “Where’s the accent?”, noticing that Gemini Jury has dropped her Konglish accent and reverted to a more neutral-sounding American one.

Again, Gemini Jury remains silent but later wrote in a text overlay, “Do I owe them an accent?”

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

Later, the girl in the striped tank asks — rather patronisingly — if Gemini Jury has “a problem”.

The latter replies in Korean that she does not. The Dallas girl, clearly not done, imitates the language jeeringly by mumbling gibberish.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

In her caption, Gemini Jury said she has been travelling since she was four years old and “learned to respect culture”.

She shared the clip hoping it would help people realise “what racism to Asian people looks like”.

Other TikTokers call out racist behaviour too

The Dallas girls’ offensive antics infuriated netizens.

One said they were “sorry” Gemini Jury had to endure such an ordeal.

korean streamer

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

Many took the opportunity to shower her with encouragement and compliments, urging her to pay no heed to the haters.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

Others pointed out that the two Dallas girls’ racism stemmed from jealousy and insecurity.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

A few even asked for their usernames so they could “teach them a lesson”.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

It turns out internet sleuths and vigilantes managed to uncover their identities as this TikToker reported that their account has since been banned.

Source: @gemini_jury on TikTok

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Featured image adapted from @gemini_jury on TikTok.

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