76-Year-Old US Ah Ma Fights Attacker With Wooden Plank, Puts Young Man On A Stretcher

Elderly US Ah Ma Attacked By Caucasian Male, Fights Back & Puts Him In Hospital

It might be easier for elderly folks to get bullied or scammed due to their frailing bodies and slower reflexes. But one ah ma was clearly determined not to let her age get in her way of an alleged assault.

On Thursday (18 Mar), an elderly Chinese lady in the U.S was punched in the face by a Caucasian man who allegedly came out of nowhere.

The plot twist came when she picked up a wooden plank and fought back, sending her assailant straight to the hospital.

A recording of the incident first surfaced on Twitter and has been going viral on social media.


However, despite being able to defend herself, the ah ma is now suffering severe psychological and physical trauma.

Young man allegedly punches elderly woman’s face

According to American news site KPIX, the assault took place on Market Street in San Francisco, U.S.

At the start of the footage, 76-year-old Ms Xie was seen holding an ice pack on her face, with her left eye visibly bruised.


Speaking to KPIX, Ms Xie said she was leaning against a light pole when a man in his 30s suddenly punched her face, unprovoked.

In the video, she can be heard saying,

I didn’t know what to do. He just landed a punch on me.

The assault left her bleeding from the bruised eye and on the side of her face.


Brave ah ma puts assailant on a stretcher

Despite falling victim to a violent attack, the brave ah ma soon turned the tables on her assailant.

She instinctively picked up a wooden plank nearby and clobbered her 39-year-old attacker.


Evidently, he ended up suffering worse injuries that required a trip to the hospital.


He was later seen bleeding from the mouth and handcuffed to a stretcher.

Fundraiser for ah ma’s recovery

Even though the brave ah ma did not accept being victimised by a violent attacker, she sustained severe injuries as well.

As such, her grandson John has started an online fundraiser to support her recovery.

According to John, she suffered 2 black eyes with one bleeding uncontrollably. She has been terrified to step out of her home since the incident.


This incident in fact follows a string of attacks against Asians in the U.S, with one shooting on Thursday (18 Mar) claiming 6 lives in an Atlanta massage parlour.

The recent spike of violent assaults has deeply shaken America’s Asian community.

Hope assailant receives due punishment

Even though the motivation behind the assault hasn’t yet surfaced, such violence against a senior member of the community shouldn’t be condoned.

We applaud Ms Xie for her bravery and hope that she can make a speedy recovery.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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