Kusu Island Pilgrims Have To Reserve Slots, Only 500 Visitors Per Day From 17 Oct

Kusu Island Visitors Limited To 500 For Lunar 9th Month, Reservations Start On 28 Sep

Kusu Island is known for its tortoise sanctuary and pilgrimage sites, including Tua Pek Kong and Malay shrines. With the Lunar 9th Month coming, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will restrict visitor numbers to 500 a day.

Kusu Island Tua Pek Kong TempleSource

Pilgrims and others who wish to visit Kusu Island can use SLA’s website to book a slot from next Monday (28 Sep) onwards.

Singapore Land Authority anticipating visitor influx

According to their press release, the Singapore Land Authority will be limiting daily visitors to 500 from 17 Oct to 14 Nov in anticipation of the Kusu Pilgrimage Season.

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Groups of up to 5 people can visit the island together to pay their respects during this period of time.

Online reservations begin 28 Sep

Pilgrims who are interested visiting Kusu Island during the Lunar 9th Month may use this link to reserve slots for up to 5 people.

However, do take note that you can only chiong to chope a slot from 28 September onwards.

Reservation QR codeSource

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code above to reserve a slot. Once you’ve applied, SLA will send a confirmation email if you have secured a slot.

Safe Management Measures In Place At Kusu Island

Most of us will be familiar with the Safe Management Measures (SMM) in place at various public places, and Kusu Island is no exception.

Kusu Island JettySource

For instance, the Tua Pek Kong Temple is limited to a maximum of 30 people while the Malay Keramat is limited to 15. As a result, SLA says that visitors may have to wait in line to visit these place of worship.

Visitors will scan the SafeEntry code before they board the ferry at Marina South Pier, which will be limited to 50 people per trip.


The first ferry will depart from the mainland at 7am, while the last will depart at 7pm from Kusu Island.

Reserve slots to avoid disappointment

With the ongoing pandemic, it is sensible that the authorities are putting in place measures to ensure our safety, even during religious events.

To avoid being turned away from a visit to Kusu Island at the ferry terminal, do remember to check SLA’s website to reserve a visitor slot from 28 Sep.

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Featured image adapted from Wikimedia Commons and Roots.sg.

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