S’pore Youths Climb On Railings To Avoid Cockroach In Lift, Run Screaming When Doors Open

Cockroach In Lift Sends Youths Screaming & Scrambling Onto Railings

Few things in life scare as many collective people as the sudden presence of a cockroach. Unfortunately for three youths, they found themselves in the terrifying scenario of being stuck in a lift with one.

They quickly used the railings to lift themselves away from the abominable threat scuttering about the lift floor.

Laughing and screaming, the trio bolted out of the lift to safety at the first opportunity.

Almost as a cosmic joke, they ran into another roach right afterwards.

Cockroach enters lift with group of youths

Any cockroach encounter may be scary, but the location of such an encounter is what makes the experience range from a minor jolt to doomsday.

For example, seeing a cockroach while you’re in an enclosed space like the toilet, a taxi or a lift is up there in the horror rankings.

Three youths learnt this the hard way after finding themselves stuck in a lift with one such critter. And they had the experience captured for posterity on TikTok to boot.

The video started with three youths entering a lift — something we mindlessly do almost daily. Out of nowhere, just as the doors were closing, a brown insect appeared and scurried into the lift.

Source: @cljy7 on TikTok

Immediately, the young individuals let out a deafening shriek and scampered onto the lift railings. With their hands and feet all above the floor, they clung for dear life as the tiny roach scurried about.

The OP himself, with no life-preserving railing in sight, backed up against the doors instead.

Source: @cljy7 on TikTok

Jokes aside, the trio actually showed off some pretty impressive balancing skills on the thin railings.

Source: @cljy7 on TikTok

Second cockroach ambushes them outside lift

As if sensing that the OP was the only one with his feet still on the floor, the roach honed in him. The OP promptly fled to the other corner of the lift, evidently with a mix of terror and amusement.

Source: @cljy7 on TikTok

After what must have felt like an eternity, the lift arrived at its destination. The OP’s male companion first left his perch cautiously.

Unfortunately for his female companion, the cockroach decided to make a beeline for the space right under where she was semi-hovering.

In a bid to scare the critter off, she kicked at the wall, only for it to scamper towards her other foot.

With another scream, she practically threw herself off the railing and bolted out of the lift with her friends.

Source: @cljy7 on TikTok

At that point, they probably thought their ordeal was over…or was it?

Turns out, the cockroach may have coordinated an ambush, as the trio ran right into a second cockroach lying in wait outside.

Source: @cljy7 on TikTok

Either that or it was a funny coincidence that sent them fleeing in a cacophony of laughter and screams.

Lucky the roach didn’t take flight

One commenter joked that they learnt what lift railings are for now, perhaps after seeing how the OP and his friends used them.

Source: TikTok

Another wondered what sort of chaos would have ensued if the cockroach had spread its wings. As we all know, flying roaches are the scariest thing in existence.

Source: TikTok

A netizen compared their reactions to an impromptu game of ‘The Floor is Lava’. Though thinking about it, ‘The Floor is Cockroaches’ sounds infinitely more horrible.

Source: TikTok

Either way, we’re glad the trio survived the harrowing encounter.

MS News has reached out to the OP for comments. We’ll update the article if they reply.

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Featured image adapted from @cljy7 on TikTok.

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