LINE FRIENDS Fridge Can Keep Your BBTs Chilled, Play Music & Disinfect Your Phone Too

LINE Friends x Gomotec Collab Features Mini-Fridge With Bluetooth Speakers & Disinfector

LINE FRIENDS has launched kawaii xiaomi earbuds, robot vacuum cleaners, and T-shirts that fans never knew they needed until they were released.

To keep the ball rolling, they’ve collaborated with South Korea’s Gomotec – a refrigerator company – to produce a miniature fridge that comes in 2 designs: Brown the bear and Sally the chick.

Unlike the usual fridges, this innovative appliance boasts style and functionality, as well as features you wouldn’t expect a fridge to have.


Some of their innovative features that make them more than just fridges include a built-in disinfectant for smartphones and Bluetooth speakers for playing your fave K-pop tunes.

Mini-fridge fits in your room, next to your desk or bed

As many of us are working and studying from home now, you may be inclined to keep irresistible snacks like brown sugar matcha ice cream and BBT within arm’s reach to munch on while doing your thing.

These LINE Friends mini-fridges are small enough to install in your room, so foodies who often compete with their family members for limited fridge space finally have a place to privately stash their goods.

Gone will be the days where you had to walk to the kitchen for goodies, as LINE Friends’ mini-fridges can easily be placed beside your bed or desk.


For those with children, the small size of these fridges makes them the ideal storage spaces for kids’ snacks and drinks as they finish their homework at home.


For millennials, the fridge can keep BBT, coffee, and soju chilled so you can instantly grab your ideal pick-me-up after hours spent hustling.


A beauty centre

Their primary function may be fridges, but the LINE Friends appliances can function as a beauty centre too.

K-beauty lovers will be happy to find that their heads come with a automatic hatch for storing face masks, serums, and moisturisers.


An entertainment device

Some of us need to play tunes to stay motivated to at work, or simply to relax.

If you constantly have your Spotify playlist on repeat, you’ll be happy to find that these adorable fridges also come with Bluetooth speakers.


Music enthusiasts can pair their mobile devices with the fridge, and shortly after, its speakers will play rich beats that echo throughout the room.


A smartphone disinfector

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us more aware that microbes and bacteria can accumulate in our smartphones, toys, and other commonly used items.

Thus, we’re advised to use a microfibre cloth to clean our devices like smartphones.

But those who want a surefire way to keep your gadgets clean can purchase a UV-C sterilisation kit as an add-on to the fridge.


The device can disinfect bacteria in kids’ toys, daily necessities, and frequently touched devices like smartphones.

LINE Friends fridge can be found on Airfrov

The LINE FRIENDS Fridge retails from 498,000 KRW (S$580) in South Korea.


While it’s not available in local stores yet, an Airfrov merchant is taking pre-orders starting from S$1070.

You can tune in to Airfrov to find more merchants that can ship this locally in the coming months.


Note that not all mini-fridges include the UV-C sterilisation kit, so interested shoppers who want this feature should clarify with merchants first.

All-in-one storage solution

The LINE FRIENDS fridge is an all-in-one storage solution that comes with extras like a Bluetooth speaker and disinfectant, and it’s cute to boot.

If you think having a mini-fridge for your home office or bedroom is convenient, the ingenious feature of a sterilisation kit will push you into wanting something like that for your home. We wish all fridges of the future will possess something like that.

Since this compelling appliance is just the latest in an array of LINE FRIENDS merchandise that has been released, we’re excited to find out what they’ll come up with next.

Featured image from LINE FRIENDS and LINE FRIENDS

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