S’porean Finds Lizard Eggs In Home Power Socket, Netizens Wonder How They Got There

Singaporean Finds Over 10 Lizard Eggs While Fixing Power Sockets In Mother-In-Law’s Home

Wildlife encounters in a modern city like Singapore are always exciting, as long as nobody ends up in harm’s way. That seemed to be the spirit one man adopted recently, when he found lizard eggs in the most unexpected place.


Sharing his find in Facebook group SG Hacks: Repairs, Fixes & Cool Ideas yesterday (14 Dec), Deon recounted the experience.

Man finds lizard eggs while repairing power sockets

Facebook user Deon was repairing electrical switches and sockets in his mother-in-law’s home when he came across an unusual sight.

After prying multiple sockets open, one in particular revealed something that took him by surprise.


Not disclosing what the spherical objects were, Deon initially left netizens to discuss and speculate.

Some offered wild guesses, from snake, to duck, and even dinosaur eggs. Most, thankfully, deduced that they were lizard eggs correctly.

Apparently not a rare occurrence

While Deon got a good laugh from the hilarious comments, one netizen posted a photo showing a similar experience.


This makes us wonder how many other people have faced such a situation before.

Another netizen remarked that the last time they saw lizard eggs like that was back in the kampung days.


Which begs the question of where they’ve been hiding since then — perhaps they’ve graduated from kampungs to more modern homes of their own?

But the main query on everyone’s minds seems to be how a lizard could even get into the socket and lay its eggs there.


Don’t harm wildlife if you encounter them

Though we don’t know what transpired after the photos were taken, here’s a quick tip if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

According to pest control company Rentokil’s website, lizard eggs may be a sign of infestation in the home.

Instead of attempting to remove them on your own, homeowners are advised to call pest control specialists for help.

After all, there may be a creature’s babies inside, so let’s leave it to them to handle.

Do you have any theories as to how the eggs may have ended up there? Share them in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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