The Lok Lok Bar In Beach Road Has Skewers With Beer & Soju

Lok lok, a type of Malaysian street food served in skewers, is gaining popularity south of the Causeway. Now, a recently-opened bar aims to mix the pleasures of lok lok with alcohol.

The Lok Lok Bar is located at Concourse Skyline in Beach Road.


If you enjoy your skewers with a pint of beer beside you, The Lok Lok Bar promises to serve exactly that.

The Lok Lok Bar in Beach Road has skewers and alcohol

The first thing you’ll notice when you reach the bar is the neon signs that adorn its exterior.

There are even more signs within the bar, which help to set the atmosphere that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill stall.


Each lok lok skewer costs $1.50.

For those unfamiliar with the experience, you basically pick from a variety, where they’re deep-fried or steamed.


There’s Sapporo beer, available in either Sapporo or Sapporo Premium Black, which you can either get pints of, or towers for the alcohol-guzzlers among your party.


Beer contains a lot of gas, which can turn some queasy. Alternatives include soju, which come in Grapefruit and Green Grape flavours.


And for those who enjoy a mix, they also serve Yakult Soju jugs.

Seafood pao fan and bentos

Besides skewers and Sapporo beer, the bar also serves up seafood pao fan for those craving a hearty meal on a particularly chilly day.


There are also lunch sets for the working crowd, including a $6.90 bento consisting of 5 sticks, rice, and 1 soft drink.

Alternatively, you can get a seafood supreme rice/noodle set.

Chill with friends over skewers & alcohol

All in all, if a night out chilling with friends over skewers and beer seems up your alley, The Lok Lok Bar might be what you seek.


Address: 302 Beach Road, Concourse Skyline,
Singapore 199600
Opening hours:11am-11pm (Mon-Sun)
Nearest MRT station: Nicoll Highway

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.