Lorry Loses Control Near Yishun Dam & Crosses Road Divider, Driver Narrowly Avoids Accident

Lorry Swerves Across Yishun Road Divider On 22 Dec & Narrowly Avoids Hitting Car

Drivers are often reminded to stay fully vigilant on roads and for good reason — you never know when and where dangers might appear.

One driver’s alertness certainly paid off when they narrowly avoided getting hit by a lorry that lost control and crossed the road divider at Yishun Dam.

The incident occurred on Monday (20 Dec) and was shared by Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road.

Lorry loses control and crosses Yishun Dam road divider

On Wednesday (22 Dec), Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road shared a video of an incident that occurred on Monday (20 Dec) at around 4.15pm.

The dashcam footage showed cars driving along Yishun Dam near Yishun Ave 1.

From a distance, a lorry was seen approaching at a high speed on the opposite side of the road.


All of a sudden, the lorry driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle as it veered towards the road divider.

With more than half the lorry on the road divider, it was heading straight towards a grey car.


Driver steers out of the way

Thankfully, the driver in the car was quick to react, steering left in a swift motion to avoid a head-on collision.

lorry divider yishunSource

The lorry driver also appeared to have regained some control as it also turned away sharply to avoid the collision.

At one point, the lorry rested precariously on the divider and looked as if it was about to tip over.

lorry divider yishunSource

Car grazes motorcycle in the process

While a serious accident was avoided, it was not without its own set of repercussions.

When watching in slow-motion, it appears the grey car grazed the side of the motorcycle as it swerved to the its left to siam the lorry.

lorry divider yishunSource

Following that, both the grey car and the motorcyclist can be seen turning on their hazard lights before gradually slowing down.

Stay vigilant on the road

It is fortunate that the driver was fully alert and quick to react. We can only imagine what would’ve happened if the driver did not get out of the way in time.

Though it’s unclear what happened to the parties involved, we hope both drivers and the motorcyclist are alright.

This is also a timely reminder for all motorists to never lose focus on the road and to always stay vigilant.

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Featured image adapted from Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road on Facebook.

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