MP Louis Ng Brings Cleaners For Sentosa Trip On Deepavali Holiday

Singapore’s reputation as a clean city is only possible because of cleaners who work tirelessly to keep our estates spotless.

On Monday (28 Oct), MP Louis Ng decided to thank the cleaners of Nee Soon East constituency by bringing them for a cable car ride to Sentosa.


He shared photos of the outing on Facebook, expressing his appreciation for the hard work that they put in.

MP Louis Ng thanks cleaners with Sentosa retreat

According to pictures shared by Mr Ng, a group of roughly 40 individuals took part in the trip.


The group first went on a cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa island.

Mr Ng shared his cabin with 2 young girls – presumably his daughters – and 3 cleaners from his constituency.


In his post, Mr Ng explained that this was many of the cleaners’ first time in a cable car.

The group then went for a buffet dinner at an undisclosed location before enjoying the Wings of Time night show near Siloso Beach.


Hope Singaporeans will appreciate the cleaners in our estates more

Nee Soon Town Council and Mr Ng’s kind gestures are truly inspirational and moving.

Let’s hope other Singaporeans, too, will make the effort to show their appreciation for the individuals who help care for our living environment.

Featured image adapted from Facebook