Netizens Aren’t Keen On LTA’s Security Screening Trials At MRT Stations

LTA Hasn’t Announced The Affected MRT Stations

As part of efforts to boost security of our public transport systems, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced last Saturday (5 Nov) that it would run enhanced security screenings trials at selected stations.

The trials will be carried out across all rail lines at up to 6 MRT stations at a time.

However, LTA has yet to announce the affected stations at the time of this article.

These security trials will commence next Monday (12 Nov) and will last for 6 months.

Under these trials, passengers are required to walk through a metal detector and pass their belongings through X-ray scanners.

Given that up to 60% Singaporeans use the MRT service, many raised concerns over how the trials will affect their journeys.

1. Awkward for passengers with metal implants

One netizen was concerned over how commutes will be awkward for passengers with metal implants.


2. A slippery slope

Another netizen felt the measure could be the start of a slippery slope. In the future, passengers may be required to check-in their bags hours before their train rides — similar to flying.


3. Will sharp objects be banned?

From the looks of things, it ain’t just one netizen who felt like the measure’s the start of a  slippery slope.

This netizen was concerned that he would have to take a Grab ride home the next time he buys a knife.


4. Passenger delay inevitable

One netizen felt that this security trial is a deliberate ploy to delay passengers, in order for  authorities to ‘massage’ their figures.


5. Source of stress for MRT staff

Finally, this selfless netizen felt that the additional screening will be an additional source of stress for elderly security personnel.


A possible solution?

While many commuters are concerned about LTA’s new security trial, one netizen proposed a brilliant solution that may just be the answer to it all:


Can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic, but if there’s one thing all Singaporeans share, it’s our love for free food. Ain’t that right?

In the name of security

While most netizens have responded negatively to LTA’s new security trial, some found the extra hassle to be worth it, since its in the name of security.




Regardless of your thoughts on LTA’s new trial, one thing’s for sure: security cannot be taken for granted.

Metal detectors or not, let’s all stay vigilant and do our own part to keep Singapore safe from these security threats.

Featured image from NUS and OSSI

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