Lucky Plaza & Peninsula Plaza To Have Entry Restrictions On Weekends From 29 Aug

While Phase 2 allows people to eat out and visit malls, there are also places that are seeing larger crowds than others.

Due to these concerns, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) have partnered with Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza management to have odd and even entry restrictions.

They issued a statement today (21 Aug), with the plan to implement it starting Saturday (29 Aug).

Restrictions on weekends only

The restrictions mean that the day you can enter either mall will be based on the last digit of your IC or FIN number.

Odd for odd dates, and even for even dates. Seems simple.

An example would be if your IC number ends in 9, you can only enter on Saturday, 29 Aug, and not the following day.

They’re considering more measures to reduce crowds by perhaps intensifying enforcement efforts where needed.

High crowd levels seen in these malls

ESG and STB shared that these 2 malls have not been easy on the crowd management side.

Apparently, both malls will reach their occupancy limit by 12pm on Sundays, causing long queues and large crowds.


ESG and STB said they’ve tried to disperse crowds by cordoning off public seating as well as having more patrols.

Other malls may also have restrictions if crowds persistent

If other malls see even larger crowds, the data entry restrictions may be appled to them as well.

They urged that malls with large crowds do proper crowd management so that such a restriction won’t eventually have to apply there too.

The entry restriction measure apparently helped in easing the crowds at popular wet markets, so the hope is that they’ll help at the popular malls too.

Suggestions for alternative places to gather

Weekend crowds are understandable at the 2 malls, given many migrant workers from the Philippines and Myanmar congregate there during weekends.

Although a concern is that, perhaps some people will take this opportunity to find alternative malls or spots which aren’t as crowded.

This will reduce possible risks of transmission and lead to less crowding overall.

Do try to keep a safe distance away from others and if you see that a place is crowded, to not loiter around.

Featured image adapted from Reddit and Facebook.