Singapore Celebrates Covid-19 Frontliners With Special Majulah Singapura Remix

Singapore isn’t quite out of the woods when it comes to Covid-19, but we’re well on our way despite there being hundreds of cases reported daily.

In celebration of the people who’ve fought during this ‘Circuit Breaker’, contributing to Singapore in various ways, released a video on Saturday (13 Jun), set to a haunting remix of ‘Majulah Singapura’.

The re-imagining of our national anthem sounds akin to a rallying cry to keep going amid the pandemic.

Celebrating various industries and people

The music video features several industries, including education, aviation, and healthcare.

Set to the chilling rendition sung by local singer Fathin Amira Zubir, the projector displays various scenes on various landmarks in Singapore, like a HDB block, the Padang, and more.


The scenes depicted include air stewardesses and stewards working in hospitals.


Educators and students alike have been working hard from home, having to embrace technology at short notice so students won’t miss out on their education.


There are those who’ve repurposed their roles, becoming workers sewing embroided face masks – a necessity in these times – for citizens.


Two people handle what appears to be free food delivered to healthcare workers.


There is also a young man delivering food for a homeless person, sacrificing rest to ensure that those who don’t have a bed still have a meal awaiting them when they wake up.


Then there’s a violinist playing a song to lift the moods of their neighbours who are dutifully staying at home.


Displaying frontliners serving our nation

The 2nd half of the video is a collection of frontliners and the future of Singapore.

This includes medics from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), who’ve been working throughout as essential workers, heading to a military vehicle to answer their call of duty.


Juxtaposed between the faces of workers are families embracing or spending time together.

National athletes, representing Singapore at the Olympics and Paralympics, also make an appearance.


There are enough scenes that, coupled with the music, might just bring a tear to your eyes. Finally, the last scene has 2 children holding hands and standing in front of a famous flight of stairs.

The word “MAJULAH” is superimposed behind them, and the message to move forward is clear as day.


We are #SGUnited

#SGUnited first came into existence in March to bring Singaporeans together during one of the worst crises most of us will see in our lifetimes.

Now, we are past the ‘Circuit Breaker’, and are on our way to reopening the economy. We must never forget to thank the ones who made it all possible.

And this stirring rendition of ‘Majulah Singapura’ might just be one of the best ways to do so, with its lyrics reminding us to always look forward as a nation, no matter how bleak the circumstances.

Onward, Singapore, as we embrace a Covid-19 future.

Featured image adapted from YouTube.